Monday, December 29, 2008

Blizzard in Vancouver?!

It's quite beautiful.
Vancouver with snow and the gentle calm.
Of ever white snow.
Beautiful as it is.

It causes a lot of problems doesn't it.
I love the snow. It's calming and everything.
But it's always been curious.
Everyone wanting a white Christmas but at the same time.
Frustrated with the snow.
Unable to drive out.
Buses being late.
It's all very interesting.
The weather is lovely.
Listen to some piano music.
Hot chocolate.
Wishing the one you love was in your arms.
Sipping on hot coco too.
It's all very heart warming.

I must say, this blizzard is rather crazy.
Not a big one like others, but for Vancouver,
It's not often we get one with snow and strong winds.
I'll come back and fix this up later.
For now,
Merry Post-Christmas, Happy New Years and Happy Holidays.
Drive safely,
Drink safely,
Don't drink and drive.
And enjoy your break.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I have recently received a very awesome Christmas gift.
I will post some pictures of the boxes and what not later.
I must say. It is very beautiful.
Of what it is capable.
Unfortunately I have no place to host a link for the video except
perhaps a down quality of the 1080p video.

The colouring of the photos are fantastic and will post a link to the 5d Pictures soon.
I'm rather happy this came in before Christmas.
No. Not trying to sound snobboish. I had to chip in for the present too.
It's not cheap : (.

Merry Christmas everyone!
And Happy Holidays!

Skyrates RP #1

So after a unfortunate reboot.
Everyone came back and well. Some silliness from the ocnverstion contiuned about why
Alowrin had white stuff on his pants. Read and you'll find. Someone joins in on the wrong time.

Evelene: ((I'm bakc))
Cecil Lancaster: ((So am I.))
Zephyrius: ((*pokes Evelene *))
Alorwin: What do you mean, painting accident?
Margareet: ((back ))
Alorwin: ((Welcome the backs.))
Evelene: ((yay ))
Margareet: ((why...thank you...))
Evelene: Well, the white stuff on your pants.
Keyo: ((That is such a bad line to walk in on...))
Alorwin: I'm sure that's just a byproduct of Zeph drooling on me.
Zephyrius looks down at Alorwin's pants "Last time I checked, my drool was on your shoulder and is transparent."
Cecil Lancaster: ((And I'm pretty sure it was deliberately so, Keyo.))
Alorwin: ((... did you KNOW I was going to say that?))
Zephyrius: ((No, I was typing that already))
Zephyrius: ((Figured you'd try to pin it on Zephy's drooling though))
Alorwin: ((... Damnit, I'm getting predictable.))
Alorwin: I was actually trying to paint happy faces on all my bullets, had a bit of a paint spill, yeah.
Cecil Lancaster starts chanting: Random streak! Random streak! Random streak!
Cecil Lancaster: ((Crap. OOC that.))
Cecil Lancaster: ((Sorry. ))
Zephyrius: Why are you trying to paint happy faces on bullets?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Skyrates Sillyness #1

Skyrates is this web-game developed by two graduate students. -
Info is their but it is very interesting.
Many approaches can be taken from its gameplay.
Trade, combat, or mission (aka by gaining influence and taking control of "skylands" ) running.

And a quick snippet of a friend of mine, Little Dragon talking to our other friend Azlan about how she suddenly became "Governor" (being the top influence leader in that skyland) of one of the skylands. Her joy and sudden happiness from complete randomness resulted in this.

[12:32] Little Dragon: Shit!
[12:32] Little Dragon: Zephy's Governor of Isla di Pisa!
[12:34] Azlan: XD
[12:35] Azlan: shit?
[12:35] Little Dragon: In my shock, I missed the word Holy.

She got so excited that she totally left out words to type.
That's what I call speechless.
Little Dragon is now fighting furiously to keep her position with a 3000 point lead.

In another discussion with Azlan while talking about tobogganing down a hill.
We both had typo's without realizing it.

[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: I have this really
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: cool
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: sled
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: that has breaks
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: and a steering wheel
[13:37] Azlan: ooo
[13:37] Azlan: i had one with hand breaks
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: XD
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Its so old
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: gotta clean it
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: *brakes
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: rofl.
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: you notice we both said the same
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: typo
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: XD
[13:38] Azlan: XDD

Now that certainly breaks everything.
Anyways, tonight was fun. Went sliding down a hill, hitting a curb and flying about half a metre into a snow/partial ice pile.
I think we had a little bit too much snow for our own brains.

Happy Holidays Everyone.
Enjoy the snow; and for those that are not living in my area.
Enjoy the Holidays and take a good long break with some hot chocolates.

P.S. A quick add to Little Dragon's governership.

[01:10] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Haa nice ctacing up
[01:10] Little Dragon: All I'm doing is combats lol
[01:10] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Yeah
[01:10] Little Dragon: Too afraid to go too far from Isla
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Haha.
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Yeah; you're doing hunting
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: you have a bit better chance of getting
[01:11] Little Dragon: Kills = influence
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: combats.
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: XD
[01:11] Little Dragon: Influence = govna
[01:11] Little Dragon: Kills = govna
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: And danother quote i add to blog
[01:12] Little Dragon: Hahahhaa

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too much for one night.

It had to be said.

[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
movement has now become minimal
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
or should I say
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
range of movementr
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
back to this topic
-=Grapefruit =- says:
Like eretctional dysfunction?
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
- line edited out --
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:

Ecchi Club?!

[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
austin join the echhi club
-=Grapefruit =- says:
-=Grapefruit =- says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
cause its there to join
-=Grapefruit =- says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
you know you wannnnnttt to
-=Grapefruit =- says:
-=Grapefruit =- says:
I'm not THAT into ecchi...
-=Grapefruit =- says:
I mean.. not like almost bare naked Neko Mimi's are not tempting..
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
lol so your into the more indebpt stuff?
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
that wouldn't be ecchi anymore austin

This is what happens at 1am.

Christmas Day!?! says:
My conmputer's an audiosurf virgin
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..freeedom! whooo idle 27C!..》[/c=10] says:
stepmania beetches.
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..freeedom! whooo idle 27C!..》[/c=10] says:
well go get "laid"
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
not happening
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:
-=Grapefruit =- says:
-=Grapefruit =- says:
Stepmania ftw.
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
My computers also a stepmania virgin
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
LOL hahahahha
-=Grapefruit =- says:
Your computer is a virgin at everything.
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..freeedom! whooo idle 27C!..》[/c=10] says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:
cept anime
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
it's inexperienced
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..freeedom! whooo idle 27C!..》[/c=10] says:
his monitor's a virgin to something special
-=Grapefruit =- says:
The only thing it isn't a virgin at is using its adsl and anime
-=Grapefruit =- says:
~。◕‿◕。~κ.r. ι. s. τ. ε. ι. ~。◕‿◕。~継続は力なり。~ says:
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
LOL where did that come from?
[c=4][b]Kevin[/b][/c=7] Snow Due on Christmas Day!?! says:
who knew.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas is coming up!
In Vancouver, their is a place called Stanley Park. Beautiful place.
Within the area they host a yearly event called "Bright Nights".
Which is a pretty display of lights and Christmas themed objects.
I will follow up with photos soon.

I'm working their Monday and Thursdays, between 4:00PM to 10:00PM.
During one of our traffic duties. One of my friends, Little Dragon who is volunteering too
started saying silly things to cars passing by as she was directing them.
One being "The glowing object of light demands you to go in this direction" <- slight variation of the quote. Have to look that up again.
Rather cold tonight.
Plenty of snow.
Cars getting stuck and everything.
Winter is lovely is it not?

Here's another small poem snippet.

Glitter and Cold.
Through the wind they boldy go.
Gentle as they flow.
Lightly touching the skin.
You feel free;
Floating about as the world slowly
Such Joy and Wonder.
Without restraints.
We dash into the sky.
The air and roads.
Without fear.
Is it not beautiful?
To feel such chill.
So wondrous and loving.
Cold but yet soothing.
Ah, how nice it is.
To finally run around.
Forget all that is in the past.
Run in the wind, agasint the snow.
And bathe in the warmth that is
Forever warm.

Just something I decided to piece together.
It seems to go on and off doesn't it?

Getting pretty cold these days.
Some hot chocolate and things should better.
Anyways. I will finish the rest of the update later.
I need sleep.

Good Night everyone.
Signing off,


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alternative Comprehension # 3

=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Ew.. the disadvantage of open window blinds is... skunk stink.

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Skunk smells.

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
They drinft in when one lets out his stuff outside in the yard.

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
wow k wtf

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
i read that as disadvantage of open window blinds, as in open source window blinds

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
and i was like wtd

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Nice nice.

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
I probably would've done the same

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
but that's a terrible adjective

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Lmao. My windows is getting skunked.

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
it's like you're trying hard not to swear

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mods of the Past

Late in the night of yesterday.
I went looking through some of my old games I had played.
On my statistics their were some old mods I had not played in a while.
Ages ago they existed and was very fun and enjoyable.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oops? xD

[16:44] Azlan: YOU DITCHED ME!
[16:44] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: I did?
[16:44] Azlan: you ditched me like i wouldve ditched you!
[16:44] Azlan: XD
[16:44] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: LOL!

Oh well. These things sure do happen when you arranged that you are not meeting up after class.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I actually got some sleep in!.
Woke up nice and early instead of an hour before my class starts
(due to the fact it takes me an hour to get their.)

My pillow ran away from its pillow case again haha.
Got to stick it back in.
I've got some interesting updates coming up soon;
so keep in touch!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 Cheers for class assignment extension.

And so our class got an extension till next Monday for our big assignment; rather then this Tuesday. Which is nice. More time to work out the kinks I had in the program.
Having one frame blow up on another and crashing my compiler is rather interesting too.

You know you've done something wrong when you see the words
"Abort Policy" show up in the errors and repeated a bunch of times.
These few days have been good I must say. Since I've actually gotten around to programming,
I decided to make use of my long monitor for it's "not gaming purpose" but into it's "reading and mostly programming or code writing purposes" Upright 24". I must say. It is love at first sight.
Codes are nicely packed. Output results can be expanded without feeling like it's clustering the window and they all print nicely since it's "seems" to have more space to output.
It's made life easier and very fun. Ontop of that; everything is nicely adjusted into a big column and word wrapped to kill off empty spaces. Only space you'd get is at the bottom if their is any left.

For manga readers!: Although I don't read manga's often. My friend sent me one and so I opened up the link and I was amazed. It was nicely stretched (not out of proportion) and spaced out to look even. Could be pure coincidence but the size proportion looks nice.

I will go on but class starts soon.
I will come back later.

Signing off,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just for Fun

- RSS Readers / Off-Site readers, view blog for photo -

Just because I noticed and managed to be doing a lot of coding today.
I have moved my mouse 1337.11 m's today. Well, as of 9:35pm Nov 16 lol.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

End War - PS3 " So it begins"

I pre-orded End Wars. And without realizing it. I had done it for PS3 version. Which; I have to say. I do not regret. The voice recongition system the game uses is very impressive I must say. Ordering units around to do stuff; deploy units with voice and everything else can be controlled through the voice. Including swapping the camera between units etc. Lots to come. For now.. Homework.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter Chill Is Moving in.

Sure is getting rainy and cold these days.
When it is not raining it is cold with a wind breeze.
When it is not cold, their is massive rain.

Dear oh dear, I wanted to go backpacking on my Fridays but I guess I will
have to wait for the rain to stop now don't I.

In more recent news; went back to look at a fairly old MMORPG called Kingdom of DRAKKAR, One of the first running MMORPG running and created and is still existent to this day and just as well maintained. After many, many, many years. at least 15 now for what I know. Now that technology has been long upgraded since it's inital and time has it's way of affecting old things. The game is now free and i've gone back to taking a look at it. A post will follow up on that. Probably create a new account for the sake of it. Instead of using my old one.

Dressing up for a friends photo-shoot thing. Can't find my shoes. Gah! Things are sored somewhere by others and now I can't find them. It's really annyoing and frustrating.

Anyways I guess I should get back to looking for it. Talk to everyone later. Will be posting a picture of my now very clean and empty table, That just has a router, a felt pad, my mahogony wood, Shelby Cobra and my laptop + keyboard and mouse.Looks very awesome. Free spirted I must say. The rest is to clea the floor.

Anyhow, Signing out,


Friday, November 7, 2008

Backpack Friday's

I'm thinking of getting my bike out and just go biking through the city with my camera bag and camera. Problem is; this Friday it is raining. And I have a team programming project to work on. God damn. and my ipod is sitll on the frits so I need to find my other mp3 players and stick it with some music. Although I do look forward to doing something like that. I would have to pace it out correctly.
I look forward to it.

P.S. According to Vancouver Forecast. it is 100% Probability of Precipitation.
"Rain at times heavy" Aw man. haha I guess I wear a poncho eh?
Oh well, rainy day. Stay home and work on program.
That sounds good.
For now.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween has come to an end.

And so the war-like crackle in the background has faded.
The cheers and wows.
Silenced they are now.
The smog drifts away.
The clean-up a pain.
Everyone sits against a wall.
Laughing and reminiscing the day.
What a fun it was.

Ah, another year has gone by. Fireworks and all.
Trick-or-Treating for candy and everything.
Some fun things can happen but at the same time;
Some very risky. We ran into some detours.
Trying to put eight people into a car with two roughly backpack-sized boxes
and a backpack is rather difficult and hard.
Haunted House was interesting. Great design art and blending of people.
Unfortunately I do not have pictures as we never got around to it.
But it was an enjoyable night. We all had our laughs.
We came down to the park near my area and had some midnight fun.
Although me and Azlan are slightly disappointed my buddies went through
so much of my fireworks. It was worth the fun in general to an extent for us.
Quite happy Azlan could make it out despite him being sick. We all went home for a good night sleep

However though me and my bud Azlan have decently enough (thankfully) to sell off and get more / have left-overs for next year or for other random purposes. Two boxes of one specific firework is rather interesrting and can be quite the entertainment.

And so once again. Another year gone by. We sit at our desks with our work infront of us and wonder. Where life will take us;
We meet friends, we retain friends, we lose some. Everything is a silent stall.
Leaves are blowing quietly down from the trees as winter slowly approaches.
Once again life takes us on a journey that none can seem to discover. A slight deviation of tone today for this blog. In a subtle morning everything seems so still.
A cup of tea or coffee, a sandwich, morning / afternoon breeze and lovely slow music is whats needed to yawn and wake up to a grateful day.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween is coming and ipod woes.

On a side note. My iPod has come across a nasty downfall. The index has disappeared.
The songs still exist on the ipod (which I am happy to inform people; check your ipod if hte files still exist if this happens to you). Happily I don't use iTunes which is probably why most people have this problem because iTunes probably uses the same index.

Hopefully I can fix that soon. Programming has been great and plenty of fun. Lots to come on that. This update was intended for October 12th but has been postponed till now.
Other then that I am very, very pysked to announce (Although probably has been already)

Bleach Original Soundtrack Volume 3 is being released on November 5th 2008. I am very excited for this as Bleach is one of those anime's that are wonderful to enjoy in an anime form rather then manga. As Bleach takes on a intensive artistic background. I shall do my Bleach post someday; although re-reading on some notes about Bleach and commentary. I'm quite happy that I was on-dot about Bleach's creative aspect in the sense it's character design focused. Bleach is quite well made, artistically and the music is changing (in a good sense) and matches well.

Some anime's that I "loved" died in this aspect as after Gundam Seed Destiny. I haven’t really turned my face to look at Gundam as much as I used to. Only the old stuff now. Gundam SeeD and Destiny had the problem of predictability and repetition in music. Their music was designed to "specific" to one scene, when the OST came out. It was near rubbish. Certain scenes would have music you'd probably have listened to many times left the scene dull as the music over-played on the character speaking. Other then that the series was good. A bit repeated in Destiny but netherless not bad.

Bleach however; I will keep this short. Is a long term anime and one must keep their eyes open as we have yet to discover the background of Ichigo's dad who has quite a special kimono. Appearing constantly in the after-show comedy plots. The fact that in the current arc one may have noticed *Spoiler*

His “hollow transformation” powers have much, much longer longitivity(spelling error!) and higher immensity in power. Kind of singling that things are still happening in the background. If I am to remember they are left off doing preparations. One can’t really say they “left” the arrancar arc since it is the main arc to Bleach.

That is the end of the spoilers.

Continuing on; Bleach does a fantastic job of mixing and matching the music; and not having one origin of music just makes the play so lovely and fantastic. A common thing you will notice in most animes’ is the same style of music. Bleach has a twist from different origin’s and even in “names and titles” of spells, casts, zanpaktous’ and locations. Span from English to Spanish and to German backgrounds.

Spanish usage in the themes were used due to its presentation of words with certain tones. Quoting Tite Kubo “became interested in Spanish because, to him, the language sounded "bewitching" and "mellow". Another aspect I love about Bleach at the current moment. I’m not sure if this is true with more newer, and recent animes. Is that the first majority of episodes, 1-167. Were broadcasted in regular 4:3 Aspect ratio. Something like 640x by something. Episodes 168+ is done in widescreen 16:9 which is beautiful I must say. Full screen without much degradation in quality. That 2nd closest from HQ / HD. Haha. Any user with a 21” monitor and less can enjoy this fully and those with 22” and 24”+ will enjoy it just as much with a proper widescreen view and not black edges.

I think that is it for the night. Early morning more over since it is 12:50am as of October 16th. I need to get up early and do some studying and what not. I’m looking forward to the rest of the school term. Next year will be rather interesting but what the hey right?

I wish everyone good luck on their remaining mid-terms for those who have it and best of luck to the rest of your semesters.




Radio is still down unfortunaly. My computer is offline to prevent distractions. I do most of my work on my laptop now. Since I love my laptop <3>

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Into the month of October

Amazing isn't it. How it is already October. The year 2008 feels liek it only just started and now it's already come to an end.

This is going to be a short post since I have an assignment to finish.
I've been doing a lot of things and met up with some old friends?.
She got a Pentax k1000 with 6 lenses for roughy $200. We talked about it and had some fun playing around with them while discussion some info about analog and digital camerea over soem coffee.

I've been playing around again with the speakers that I pulled out of my garage. I mentioned it earlier a month ago. Quest "QB5" (I think they are) have taken over the speakers that are on my stero of some 11 years now.

Sound quality is beautiful.

In recent news. I have my computer disassebled to keep me from hopping onto it and not getting work done so radio will be offline indefintely for the time being.

And the fact we are doing a lot of stuff on the network so it's a bit slow to broadcast. However. Laptop is in my room under the table shelf which is hooked up to the moniter that was connected to my PC. 24" Dell. You got to love it.

Also, my friend has "lent" (which will also indefintely probably remain in my hands) her analog camera which she found in her mom's closet. A Canon EOS 1000. Yes. One of the first series of eletric 35mm (135mm) film cameras. I will do the details later.

Back to work. I'l finish the rest of this after assignment is finished.



Monday, September 22, 2008

Langara Computer Havoc

Apparently their is a maintenance going on with the computers down here in Langara.
Computers crazy slow; the initial boot up takes forever at the current moment.
Now; though once the computer is in for a while (if your patient enough haha) Speed is a lot faster as the server computer has probably registered the computer you are on into the system.

Plenty of fun. Stayed over at Azlan's place over Sunday to Monday...
Kinda crashed our day =\ so we kind of crammed the night with homework. Till early morning which was unfortunately very tiresome.

Feel kind of bad; hope I didn't hinder him too much haha.
Most things are going fairly well. First assignment for CPSC 1150 (Program Design) is coming along well. Written algorithms is quite the pain staking task.
One has to think outside of the box rather then the logical language.
Basically writing out the hard format of the information and how it would be processed rather then how it should work within the code itself.

Break is quite nice. A bit chilly outside today, staying inside since I only have a t-shirt on me. Long day; still have a short nip with school work to finish. After that it should be nice and breezy. Things have been a bit tensing up. I guess from procastination and what not. Everyone has those right? Quite the pain it is.
I know I said I will be updating and what not. Things have been quite busy; to an extent. I shall post photos of me and Azlan disassembling a Nerf gun we found in his house to fix a button that would cause the wheels within the gun to shoot out the ball. Apparently the button got stuck when pressed in too much. We took it apart and I filed down the button to make it not get stuck when pressed in and viola it worked.

Anyhow; once again it apparently looks like time is up and I have to head to class.
I will see everyone later : )


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week Two!

It is the second week of class.
Things are going quite smoothly.
Math is starting to kick in and we did our first Java tutorial for our program.
Met some new friends along with old school friends.
Some discussions here and there during lunch hours and other things like that.
Class is starting so I will update later.



Radio is still offline for the time being : (

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Start of the Year

School has started; High School and University alike. Everyone has gone to many places as it seems.

Staying here locally in UBC , Langara College or SFU. Some to the east side of Canada or out of country. (These two lines are out of format... I wonder why.)

Although I did not start off with where I wanted; wanting to go to UBC first was my main goal but Langara is quite a cozy place to be in. Lots of people here to get around with and familiar faces to appear once in a while although I must say it’s quite interesting. Ah well; moving on. As of this semester I’m taking CPSC 1150 and another math course. Although what I will be taking next semester I don’t know yet but will be added with CPSC 1160 and 1180 and Philosophy 1101 (CPSC = Computer Science for those that are confused at the abbreviations) Having only two courses does have its advantages. A slow relaxaive (if that’s even a word.) start to the year. Next semester will have roughly five courses.

However, I might be taking Business Management 2230 for Co-Op. Co-op person came to our class and talked about it and said we can still register late for the course so that will be interesting. My friend David and I have been getting around quite fun. Although our staked our library corner on the third floor by the window has been taken; we do manage once in a while. The plan so far is quite good. Langara to UBC Transfer is quite well accepted and has some `specialities `apparently. I might see my friend Young maybe in a co-op or just perhaps in the future.

As it seems everyone is getting comfortable with their new life but I am sure it will get hard soon as we all will start having homework and labs and everything else kick in. Some have said two is little but CPSC 1150 is not a light course but plenty of fun so that should be exciting. I look forward to our future works. Math even doing fundamentals is entertaining; it`s nice to go back to the beginning sometimes and practice and relearn this stuff; although it is a bit of a hinder due to the fact I can`t do certain math courses but I`ll manage I assume. English next semester will be fun, fun, fun.

My teachers are fantastic though so far. My math teacher and Program Design teacher are funny. Good environment so far; until of course stress starts kicking in but that`s another story for another time. On a side note; I did buy a new laptop; and under $800. A Toshiba A300D Satellite laptop; quality is good. Had some issues but I don`t know if that is default issues or not but still it`s very nice with Harman/Kardon speakers which have nice sound quality to it. I guess I will post a picture of the laptop when I get back?

Other than that, how is everyone enjoying the early start of school? Had a good summer I hope? Bah, didn’t get a chance to meet up with friends during the summer which is just unfortunate ; ( but oh well; there will always be some sort of time during the summer. I figured I am able to use my laptop during math without the battery dying and can charge it during CPSC 1150 since we are working with certain materials which is overall fun. That way I will have power to last the day. Cables are kind of hard to stretch around in my math class. In the future I might be able to do better (that and I can charge during my off hours in the library).

I must say though; they have some decent computers over here. They have I think 3 computer lab rooms (which can be used for drop in too; for whatever browsing need you need; “academic” purposes ) Got to check how many have these, with roughly 20-30 computers each. Spec’d at Pentium 4 3.0Ghz equipped with 1GB ram and 19” monitors.

But anyhow; I shall save this and keep it in a tab for posting later tonight. Which is now. Current time is 11:08. Typed the entry while I was in the library; taking a break from doing my homework and studying.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


=-Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Hey; what you doing tmrw?
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
trmws labour day ....
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
How can school star tmrw.
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
todays labour
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Wait what..
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Isn't monday no school?
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
today is monday
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
ain't it?
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Today is sunday....
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
rofl. nice.
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
computer calender screwed
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:

Photo is coming up soon.

School In-Session

School is starting soon. I guess I will be able to keep a regular blog and photos possibly when school starts up.
Computer Science here I come.
Langara then UBC that is the target aim.
Looks like a fun time ahead of me? :D.
Who knows haha.
I shall keep this little dude updated; as I have been falling behind haven't I?

Anyhow; When I do get radio back working again;
Some new songs I will be playing that I haven't played before because they have been sitting in a dark corner in my library.
One of them is "Kiss From A Rose by Angela Aki"
It's quite nice.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Radio is dead again. and AE + extras

Router is acting up.
Radio is causing some instabilities.

Anime Evolution was very fantastic.
When my friends leave I will update this post too.
Sleepover was a blast.
I will dump the albums into Facebook and then provide links for em.
We have had lot's of fun.

More to come.
Haha. Yes. I haven't really done a real post in a while since we've all been doin things.

Ghost signing off.

And for some laugthers from fail blog.

Click here for fail blog-ness

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Been a great week! Lots of super fun has been happening.
I will be back today to update./

Radio is backonline too btw!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ghost is Officially 18 Years of Age.

Hello Everyone! I am officially 18,
Haha I didn't finish this post as I went for dinner with family then went to friends house after that. We have been working on our costume.

More to come.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Halo 3 Party!


AFanCorp here!

Just woken up from last night's Halo 3 party. Put it simply, we partied hard all night.

A brief summary of what happened;

Ghost, Pyro, and I decided that we'd go blow things up down by the beach after eating at flow and buying materials for a Horo costume that someone else would be wearing. Not a lot of blowing things up occurred, but a lost cap did get burned and a plastic bottle shot at many times. Me being my blind self couldn't see shit at all, nonetheless I still managed to hit the bottle.

On our way back to the car, the thought of heading over to my house for a Halo party surfaced, so I did some call ups and got approval for my two friends to come over. Half the fun was playing Halo, but the better part was the drinking. I can't remember how many glasses of alcohol they drank, but I can tell you that they were drinking stuff past 30% alchol. Lulz ensued, and with alcohol in mind, Pyro defeated us in Halo. The party ended at 0330 sadly and they of course went back to their homes. I could only hope that nothing happened on the way, and so far it SEEMS nothing has happened. Again, it only seems...

The sad part is that I don't have any pictures. Perhaps my friend here may be able to post some since he was the only one who took the few pictures during our washroom breaks.

P.S. Shroker (Ghost here) I had ONE glass.. Pyro on the other hand...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Main Floor is going through some Sanding.

Main floor of my house is going through some sanding works.
So Radio will be offline for the week. It will / should be back up the end of Friday. Perhaps earlier.
If I do get the chance though, I will move the computer downstairs and host it their or some off site place.

In the mean time;
Enjoy your summers.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

EVE Lan Party

So yeah, I've got Bill and Alex (from Churchill) over at my house. Don't know what we're going to do.
Playing EVE. Trying out his RC Car later.

Should be a fun night.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I will update very soon!

I will update soon.
Do not worry : ).
Haha, Firework pictures and update to be on here in the day or so to come.
Been busy with course application and an upcoming exam.
Wish me luck!


Friday, August 1, 2008

(Click to enlarge)

New Record high of 1MB/s from getting Bleach from Dattebayo.
Either they upped their server bandwidth or I caught it in the nick of time with lots of seeders
Or all of the above haha.

Others Who Need Sleep #1

[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
oops lol
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
i cycled thru your album
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
5 times
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
before i realized there were only 16 photos
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
Austin - [ ] says:

Yes, I think we can all agree, my friend here needs sleep too.
Note: * No! The [c=3] are not penises! those are colour codes for msn! *
Or so I thought that's what my other friend was mentioning.....

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - China

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - China.
China did a fantastic work of their music and fireworks. Impressive inventory.
Although their music was complete random needless to say. They showcased an amazing night.
And bbl for this post

The pre-fireworks

The Fireworks first half

And the ending bit.

enjoy. I'l be making this post longer with the details of that day later on.


I feel like my head is about to explode.
There are so many things to figure out.
Some things that can really worry one's mind.
Priorities are very important. Never let the slip by.
If you've got something to do.
Sit down and do it.
If you don't. It will bite you very hard in the rear.

7 more days till a birthday of my good friends.
16 more days till my own.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One step seems so far away again.

Bah, I know I'm suppose to be updating with firework stuff and what not. A lot is going on right now. I wasn't prompt enough and didn't check instructions correctly. Somethings are getting messy. A lot is happening. I was not careful enough. I thought I have made it through. Doesn't seem so likely now. Radio is off for the time being. Slightly in a downbeat mood and panic in the mind. I guess I will have to take the long road after all. Firework post is going to have to wait a little longer. For a short bit it all seemed alright.

Ah well. That's how things go. I guess my fault is still pretty dominant over me. Heh, my priorities are not straight. One would say. Mind is spinning in circles really; it's all over the place.
Will I step forward or will I have to take the long road. one suffers for their actions; I just hope it's not too late. So much happening.

The inner void, the future of oneself. To attain and achieve.
They seem so far fetched.
Unfulfilled almost.
Oh well.
I can't wait till my friend comes back.
She is having plenty of fun out their, actually many of my friends are out of time. Hope they are having a blast. ^^, harsh times will embrace us soon.

We shall see won't we.
Good luck to all of us.
If such does exist,
May God have mercy on us.
Those that have been standing strong or trying to.
Heh but then again, my faults are my faults.
It's not something, some super natural force will fix for me.
Just gotta be attentive.

Monday, July 28, 2008

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - USA / + Mini after fireowrk party + Virus Mayhem

As I said earlier, I have to finish this post so here it is. HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 + the after firework mini party and the virus mayhem. Firework photos will be uploaded to my dA and Facebook (Facebook contains the general picks of what was better while dA has two or three which is most likley gonna be featured on this post too.)

I started this post, yesterday (the 28th) at 8:50 pm. It is now the 29th at 2:35AM lol.
Procrastination and Crysis delayed my post quite a bit. Let's get on with this post now shall we?.
Pictures will be uploaded (Well, just one really) under this paragraph in the morning when I am back on my desktop.

HSBC Celebration of Lights '08 - USA. USA displayed an amazing arsenal of their fireworks. Having like this, their 4th of July fireworks must be amazing. After making a long and hidden appearance ; they showed up with a bang. The music but of course, tailored to an American Theme although great pairing of the music matched the Red and Blues of the United States flag colours. Colourful reds, blues, and greens flied and sizzled everywhere. Showcasing the mighty prowess of the United States of America. (Sounds a bit overdone but I'm in a mood for big sounding words at the moment). We, the audience, mistook their high rise, big bang fireworks for their finale three times. At one point they shot some high rockets and bang they went. Astonishing everyone around us. At one point after the second "supposedly ending scene" an airhorn went off (like many other times) but stopped shortly after some barge level flares were fired. Which got everyone laughing. Amazing display definitely. Everyone got up after the first big bang thinking it was the end; until they continued on.

Their finale, I must say, was grand and very, very big. Unfortunately their was not much wind thus the smoke was not blown away. Causing my pictures to clog up with smoke and over-exposure but they're lovely either way :). I'm positive others had fun taking pictures and/or simply watching. At the beginning of the event, we met a first timer coming to watch the fireworks. Living in Vancouver for eight years, he himself was surprised he never came down to watch the fireworks himself.

Two friends came to the fireworks with me and my dad since we were taking photos. One was with his mom down by the beach, we were near the beach towers. My friend came down from his place to take fireworks with me. Before the fireworks started, we attempted to locate a geocache, which we did but too many "muggles" as it has been said around to retrieve the cache.
On the way back; funny things happen. Talking to my friend I said" Hey look! theirs the Kettle Porn stand" he looks at me and then I look back at him all in the same second realizing my mispronunciation of my words. Quickly correcting "I mean Kettle Corn, not porn."
Returned to our post and soon, the fireworks began. Played 7777 and slapjack in the meantime though while waiting; with my brother and two friends. Anyhow. I will continue this later on, (post will not be published but the current time is 3:39AM. Started at 8:50PM.
I guess late night their is not much to do eh?

Alright, It is June 30th. China has just finished. I will write that in a different update.
After June 26th Fireworks (USA) my friend Carmen calls me and says she and her boyfriend need a place to crash. I'm like sure come on over.
So they come over.
Introduced each other. and Yeah, we played Mad Libs *different kinds) for a good 3 hours of total time and watched a movie. Laughed; joked and what not. Lasted till 8 AM.

Anyhow. the day after that. As I'm about to go out, my computer gets infected with a virus.
I'll write this in the later blog I guess. I'm pretty tired.
Anyhow this post is finally done! Viola!

It's shortened a lot cause of being tired and running out of thoughts to write. I might edit later and make it tad detailed.

And here are some photos. The rest will be on Facebook and the better picks will be on my dA and Flickr. Unfortunaly the pictures wern't spetacular due to the clouds being in the way. The wind was not strong enough so the smoke could not be cleared. Netherless they're great to look at. Enjoy

Post-Secondary Education

It is in! The provincial marks and the final year marks. It is to my great pleasure my English Exam was a total mess along with everyone else. But English was good in the sense it was a good mark.
College and possibly university is in the sights. Would've aimed for university but some dents in the plant and slacking brought it down. Nether less! It is very great to know a step forward has been made. Success and hard workship is going to be needed. A hardcore study and etc and I can smile a little now.
On the other note; I know I am suppose to come with another update previously. I am still writing that update. Keep in touch : )

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh boy.

Edit : 12:03: System is fixed!. Radio is back online! Blog update coming soon either in the next hour or after I go to sleep and wake up. Details of the cross journey of the removal and fireworks etc and about today (yesterday) will be up soon.

I have a long update to make about Fireworks, the mini after fireworks party. and how my computer got infected today by a momentary shut-off Anti Virus.

Be back soon.
Keep tuned.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Need Sleep # 2

[03:28] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Alright

[03:28] DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Knights
[03:28] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: *#$&@......

[03:28] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Night.

Garage Vacation

It has been a very long time since the garage in my house was last cleaned out.

And even then it was really just throwing out the junk not really reorgaznise.

Anyhow, it still looks somewhat troublesome but less then before.

In the digging, found a new pair of shoes; got to polish that up. Found a pair of old BG2 Quest Speakers. Never been opened. Took em upstairs after the whole thing. Took the AV box from the upstairs room which is quite old and hasn't really been used ever since the basement was set up. Wasn't used again since speaker audios connected died (which those speakers one of em was tragically murdered by me when I was very young. As I grow up, I now understand the pain my dad felt when I was destructive like that haha.)

AV box didn't work and I looked around and remembered I had a shelf stero near my bed.

Walked over and unhooked the speakers, hooked up the QUEST speakers, plugged in the RCA (RGA? The Red and White cables lol) into the Aux 2 and got my splitter, connected that into my iPod and viola.. Music.

But I had to try it on the CD's that were already in their. Started up the CD and music played better then before. XD. So now Dad (which has one of those shelf stereo things hooked up to his comp cause he uses the aux out to play the sound) is cheap but has great sound quality. We're going to move em down their after he listens to the speakers in my room and give it a try downstairs after. I must say; they're pretty good.

Garage is somewhat organized now. More cleaning to come.

Another session of fireworks are arriving today (since its 1:49am already) USA is on. I'm watching China with freinds so I am not too sure if I will be able to get photos. We will see.

Anyways, have fun everyone.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Books about Sexuality and around the topic.

It has always been curious to me. Its got to be the most awkward thing ever, to walk into a book store, and pickup a book about sexuality for study or not. It's like buying condoms from Safeway.

*shuffles some books over ontop*
"Just uh.. yeah. quickly scan it and stick it into the bag"

Can you imagine, trying to walk into a store like Chapters or Book warehouse and picking up one of those books and then purchasing it at the counter along with other books? Let alone buying that book by itself?!

Being a female maybe; but being male. Some might think that their manhood isn't strong enough. But that is where the audience is wrong. Manning the hood and having the hood are two very different things!.

Anyhow, how this came across my mind? Google and Chapters and some reading and a few good laughs.

Oh well, I prepare for sleep as it is 1 AM now.

Good Night everyone.
Signing off,

Thursday, July 24, 2008 needed... #1

(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
.omg.. you do not know what just happened.
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
I read the "what's up" I typed to you.
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
and sub conciously typed NOt much
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
in someone elses window
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
(9:47 PM) 35391291 =):
omg, that could be disaster.
(9:47 PM) -= Austin =- [:
>< (9:47 PM) 35391291 =): thast not good >_>
(9:47 PM) -= Austin =- [:
I know : (

Ohh my... that cannot be good....

HSBC Celebrations Of Light 2008 - Canada

These were the only two photos that turned out (of the fireworks excluding the random pictures before it started). The rest were trashed due to having not checking the settings before the show started : (.

The show was awesome other then that. Fantastic view point. Kits Point near the Maratime Museme. Eline or something Point. The Heritge Harbour : ).

Canada displayed marvelous fireworks with their new style and multi barge performance.
3 Barges, the Main one being the major launches; the additional two provided low to medium fireworks from time to time. This caught many people on suprise.
Good Luck to Canada on their run.
I am looking forward to USA and China. Not sure if I will be able to get pictures of Saturday since I am going with other people. I will try and lug everything with me. Depending on where they want to sit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vancouver's HSBC Celebration of Lights

Once again, the time has come for HSBC's Celebration of Lights. A great firework ceremony.

The schedule proceeds as so.

Wednesday, July 23 —Canada
Saturday, July 26 — USA
Wednesday, July 30 — China
Saturday, August 2 — Grand Finale

And for once! It is not a foreign country competing.
We have USA in place of oversea countries.
Should prove fun to watch. Lots of money = big fireworks too?
China always had big big fireworks. (Really high ones too).
And Canada as always; is the host country . ^_^.
Another year of fireworks and pictures is to come.
Unfortunately my domain server is not available (and has been for a year or so now due to computer issues and some changes in the basement) so I can't post links to the fireworks.
And my old external died so I do not have last year's firework pictures : (.
I don't have the picked out pictures anymore; so all I can present is the giant cluster of pictures from each country. It is up to you to decide which ones you like (which should be similar most likely to what I have but everyones view is different.)

HSBC Celebration of Lights : Finale '07
HSBC Celebration of Lights : China - Aug 1st.


I look forward to a great year.
Instead of shooting from English Bay, I will be at Kits beach. In hopes to get the whole downtown and the side views of area's around the fireworks.
Looking forward to tonight.
And Remember.
Stay safe; keep an eye out for cars and no alcohol! there has been too many incidents with people drinking down their XD.

P.S. For those interestred in my work. I have some posted at

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A quote from a conversation with a friend.

Little Dragon says:
Omg, you are BAD influence
-= Austin =- *unicef [ Sims 3! ] [ There is a voice in me that wants to speak out ] says:
(Lol... why am I a bad influence! T.T )
Little Dragon says:
Dude...I saw Hotels and condoms! Not Hotel and Condos!
-= Austin =- *unicef [ Sims 3! ] [ There is a voice in me that wants to speak out ] says:

Yes, I think that says it all. One joke too many XD.
More to come! Stay in tuned.

A few changes to my Facebook?

What a glorious weather it is today. Anyhow, onto a daily thing.
I've been using Xanga ( for roughly 5 years now. And around 06 have had it linked to Facebook by RSS.
Since I've brought this blog / page back I guess I might move back here to do proper blogging.
I mean; no one needs to ready mushy stuff all the time ^_^ ; Figured it'd be a good change for the audience.

I'll come back later in the evening to finish up the rest of this post.

P.S. and for those that are on Facebook; please drop by the site for a quick visit ^_^.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Offical 3 Days!

Ghost's Corner is officially three days old!
What left now is to update php and remember how to input php into html and viola;
Radio status will be on this page too.
And possibly intergrete a player that can play the radio on this page too.
That would be fun wouldn't it!?

Wow. compared to before; I had no traffic what so ever. Maybe because I have more of a head to expand my horizon of advertisment and so I can get more traffic in. Even if it's just people come and go's. Still better then "nothing" from years back. Back then it'd simply display
"<07/20/08@12:03:32> [yp_tch] touched!"
Majority of the log, (That meaning has retrieved directory information of the radio).
No one came! XD Haha. But I'm happy these days and I've got working on this website.
I might start up my (personal) blog up again.
Anyhow. I will be back later. Off to watch Hellboy later in the afternoon.

Signing off,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Formaly Shroker's Corner is now Back!

Alas. it has been a while since my net radio was awaken from its slumber.

Ghost's Corner (Formally Shroker's Corner and some other name I had when I was younger)
Is now back alive!.
So!. The details; very picky people we all are.
An internet radio is a live-stream from a server (usually a media player) that streams music or chat host from it's source.
The title for this link is (as many people will notice) based off Portal! Companion Cube!
So I decided to name it Companion Radio Ghost!
Sounds a bit corny I might change this later on but ah well!. We will see.
In the mean time.

Ghost's Corner is a live stream (Sorry for the mishaps that can happen while listening and the sudden music skipping. Please email me asap of the song title you want to go back or drop a note if you liekd this song and want to hear it again sometime in the future (which could be soon) is a 160kpbs @44khz Broadcast.

As of currently : A max capacity of 32 users. (Since this radio is new and fresh their is not much traffic yet)

The genres and styles of music are at random and I welcome all sorts of music.
I will do requets and song uploads when people drop me a email or msg on either Facebook, Xanga, or Blogger (here).

Music, style, themes and everything are mixed. Sometimes it is looped and will play the same artist or style for a few times before being changed. The links for the radio are on the bottom right hand corner under *links*.
I will post the links in a future blog too.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys it for now and I will fine tune the playlists as time passes by.

Thanks for visitng.

A short inept dedication:
Thank you sincerely and very much for listening in and beta testing the radio when I started it up again.
You have all been great freinds and those freinds of my freinds and thier friends and the unknown guets. You've all been wonderful. Thank you for dropping by.
It's a great feeling seeing the difference of then (few years ago) compared to now.

-Ghost (Shroker)