Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alternative Comprehension # 3

=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Ew.. the disadvantage of open window blinds is... skunk stink.

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Skunk smells.

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
They drinft in when one lets out his stuff outside in the yard.

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
wow k wtf

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
i read that as disadvantage of open window blinds, as in open source window blinds

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
and i was like wtd

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Nice nice.

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
I probably would've done the same

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
but that's a terrible adjective

-=Grapefruit =- *unicef says:
Lmao. My windows is getting skunked.

⋠⋘*help Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..rain rain go away, flood the roads another day..》 says:
it's like you're trying hard not to swear

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mods of the Past

Late in the night of yesterday.
I went looking through some of my old games I had played.
On my statistics their were some old mods I had not played in a while.
Ages ago they existed and was very fun and enjoyable.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oops? xD

[16:44] Azlan: YOU DITCHED ME!
[16:44] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: I did?
[16:44] Azlan: you ditched me like i wouldve ditched you!
[16:44] Azlan: XD
[16:44] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: LOL!

Oh well. These things sure do happen when you arranged that you are not meeting up after class.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I actually got some sleep in!.
Woke up nice and early instead of an hour before my class starts
(due to the fact it takes me an hour to get their.)

My pillow ran away from its pillow case again haha.
Got to stick it back in.
I've got some interesting updates coming up soon;
so keep in touch!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 Cheers for class assignment extension.

And so our class got an extension till next Monday for our big assignment; rather then this Tuesday. Which is nice. More time to work out the kinks I had in the program.
Having one frame blow up on another and crashing my compiler is rather interesting too.

You know you've done something wrong when you see the words
"Abort Policy" show up in the errors and repeated a bunch of times.
These few days have been good I must say. Since I've actually gotten around to programming,
I decided to make use of my long monitor for it's "not gaming purpose" but into it's "reading and mostly programming or code writing purposes" Upright 24". I must say. It is love at first sight.
Codes are nicely packed. Output results can be expanded without feeling like it's clustering the window and they all print nicely since it's "seems" to have more space to output.
It's made life easier and very fun. Ontop of that; everything is nicely adjusted into a big column and word wrapped to kill off empty spaces. Only space you'd get is at the bottom if their is any left.

For manga readers!: Although I don't read manga's often. My friend sent me one and so I opened up the link and I was amazed. It was nicely stretched (not out of proportion) and spaced out to look even. Could be pure coincidence but the size proportion looks nice.

I will go on but class starts soon.
I will come back later.

Signing off,

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just for Fun

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Just because I noticed and managed to be doing a lot of coding today.
I have moved my mouse 1337.11 m's today. Well, as of 9:35pm Nov 16 lol.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

End War - PS3 " So it begins"

I pre-orded End Wars. And without realizing it. I had done it for PS3 version. Which; I have to say. I do not regret. The voice recongition system the game uses is very impressive I must say. Ordering units around to do stuff; deploy units with voice and everything else can be controlled through the voice. Including swapping the camera between units etc. Lots to come. For now.. Homework.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter Chill Is Moving in.

Sure is getting rainy and cold these days.
When it is not raining it is cold with a wind breeze.
When it is not cold, their is massive rain.

Dear oh dear, I wanted to go backpacking on my Fridays but I guess I will
have to wait for the rain to stop now don't I.

In more recent news; went back to look at a fairly old MMORPG called Kingdom of DRAKKAR, One of the first running MMORPG running and created and is still existent to this day and just as well maintained. After many, many, many years. at least 15 now for what I know. Now that technology has been long upgraded since it's inital and time has it's way of affecting old things. The game is now free and i've gone back to taking a look at it. A post will follow up on that. Probably create a new account for the sake of it. Instead of using my old one.

Dressing up for a friends photo-shoot thing. Can't find my shoes. Gah! Things are sored somewhere by others and now I can't find them. It's really annyoing and frustrating.

Anyways I guess I should get back to looking for it. Talk to everyone later. Will be posting a picture of my now very clean and empty table, That just has a router, a felt pad, my mahogony wood, Shelby Cobra and my laptop + keyboard and mouse.Looks very awesome. Free spirted I must say. The rest is to clea the floor.

Anyhow, Signing out,


Friday, November 7, 2008

Backpack Friday's

I'm thinking of getting my bike out and just go biking through the city with my camera bag and camera. Problem is; this Friday it is raining. And I have a team programming project to work on. God damn. and my ipod is sitll on the frits so I need to find my other mp3 players and stick it with some music. Although I do look forward to doing something like that. I would have to pace it out correctly.
I look forward to it.

P.S. According to Vancouver Forecast. it is 100% Probability of Precipitation.
"Rain at times heavy" Aw man. haha I guess I wear a poncho eh?
Oh well, rainy day. Stay home and work on program.
That sounds good.
For now.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween has come to an end.

And so the war-like crackle in the background has faded.
The cheers and wows.
Silenced they are now.
The smog drifts away.
The clean-up a pain.
Everyone sits against a wall.
Laughing and reminiscing the day.
What a fun it was.

Ah, another year has gone by. Fireworks and all.
Trick-or-Treating for candy and everything.
Some fun things can happen but at the same time;
Some very risky. We ran into some detours.
Trying to put eight people into a car with two roughly backpack-sized boxes
and a backpack is rather difficult and hard.
Haunted House was interesting. Great design art and blending of people.
Unfortunately I do not have pictures as we never got around to it.
But it was an enjoyable night. We all had our laughs.
We came down to the park near my area and had some midnight fun.
Although me and Azlan are slightly disappointed my buddies went through
so much of my fireworks. It was worth the fun in general to an extent for us.
Quite happy Azlan could make it out despite him being sick. We all went home for a good night sleep

However though me and my bud Azlan have decently enough (thankfully) to sell off and get more / have left-overs for next year or for other random purposes. Two boxes of one specific firework is rather interesrting and can be quite the entertainment.

And so once again. Another year gone by. We sit at our desks with our work infront of us and wonder. Where life will take us;
We meet friends, we retain friends, we lose some. Everything is a silent stall.
Leaves are blowing quietly down from the trees as winter slowly approaches.
Once again life takes us on a journey that none can seem to discover. A slight deviation of tone today for this blog. In a subtle morning everything seems so still.
A cup of tea or coffee, a sandwich, morning / afternoon breeze and lovely slow music is whats needed to yawn and wake up to a grateful day.