Saturday, May 30, 2009


Classes mixed in during with the nice summer breeze isn't too bad really.
Sure it cuts down on what to do and such but in my opinion. I don't see the difference.
How is winter any different from summer?. The only reason why courses are offered during the regular season aside from summer is because most people take vacations during the summer.

Which makes complete sense. However; since I am not going anywhere and bumming around at home isn't too good for the health. Instead of being lazy. I took two courses during the summer.

Have to sort out some stuff and such. Need to find a job and get working to earn some money and get some work hours into transcripts. Started to do some exercise which is not too bad.
My ankle is getting better, I have to remember to do my stretches and get the muscles back into action.

Life is well I guess. Gotta study well and such.
That's all the time I have for today. Hoping to post some more later.
See you all around,

Signing off,

From Companion Radio Ghost!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Late Night Conversatoin #3

So on the phone with a friend at night.
We were talking about how we haven't met up in a while.
Names have been changed for disclosure.

Me: "I haven't seen Pillow for a while"
Tak: "You haven;t felt Pillow in a while?!"
Me: "What?!"
Tak: "Sure, lets go to UBC one day, then you can feel him with your hands all over."
Me: "We should flash Pillow".
Tak: "Flash?! Wait what?"
Me: *all of us are cracking up laughing* "No! I mean call flash!. Not flash flash."
Tak: "Oooohh. Okay"

And it lead to a conversation about explaining to Pillow on what had happened.
Eventually we all fell asleep.

Other than that. My ankle is getting better I think. I have a checkup this upcoming Monday.
Should be doing well. Managed to play some light basketball. Hope it did not kill my ankle.

See everyone around soon.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Sword of The New World (Granado Espada) OST

Once again, after the data on my previous HDD from years ago was wiped, I recently decided to look for the soundtrack for a game called Sword of The New World.
Sword of The New World Main Page. The game is quite interesting and netherless it is fun to play,
interesting clothing style and loveable music that will keep you playing. In my case it did anyways.

The game is a unique MCC system (Multi-character-control) system where the player creates a "family" and you login to the New World with a team of up to 3 characters, in which you can control at indivudally or togetehr as a group.
I would recommend people to take a look at it.

Onward to the orignal soundtrack. The soundtrack is wonderful.

Ghost signing off.

The Start of the Summer Semester

The summer semester has started.
I think I'm going to do take the bullet and not be lazy
and get that other course.
I think I've played the 50/50 life too long.
Maybe it is time I shifted over ot the 75/25. You know. More work than play.
Ha!. Is what we say; but oh well.
The summer semester is just liek every other semester but hotter.

Smile and be proud.
Time will pass-by so do it right.
Thinking on it; it's a bit creepy how much time three months go by; does'nt it.
See everyone on the other side.


Friday, May 1, 2009

This is a must view for everyone.

This is very adorable and cute video.
Addicting and full of wonders.

Please Enjoy!


P.S. Rather interesting song about kitty's