Monday, October 26, 2009


Games begone!
I have finally gotten rid of every game from my computer and since the last reformat, uninstalled the games I have had since (which was about a month ago).

Lets raise a toast for a new path and a journey that will be fun and eventful.
Good luck to everyone in their studies.
Keep a strong foot in and keep marching.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Journey of Life

Once in awhile; you look at life and think back on all the things that have made who you are.
Present time, in the realm of reality. What is there to say, the choices we make, we sometimes think that changing them will do good, but perhaps changing it may have resulted in something else.
There is no definite choice you can make in life. Only a choice and hope it is correct; or make a choice and stick with the results.

Life does not give way for you. What happens is final. But you always have to remember that no matter where you go, no matter where you run, those decisions in the past will stay because they have created you.
You are running, because of those decisions. The very reason you are escaping reality is because of those choices.

But that is what we do in life, is it not? To step forward, to learn new things. Deep down, regardless what kind of person you are, there is that inner desire to do so. Hope and will, is what we loose sight of.
When it times of failure, or of a low from something else, an external factor that affects oneself.
An important thing to remember is that there will always be someone willing to help you out.
You have to be willing to admit to yourself that something is wrong, then gather the strength and willpower to step forward, away from the slump that we live in, to attain our goals.

People change, life changes us, one way or the other. We learn from either realization, experience, or the harsh truth of failure. We also let our emotions affect our judgment. People will disagree that they do not, however, within us, there can be a minor bias that we are not aware of, in which will alter our opinion to something of a particular topic.

There are people who, now starting there first year of post-secondary life, who do not realize the impending consequences of priorities. Granted it is not an easy thing to change, even I myself, when I know I have to do work, will be pulled away by not doing something that needs to be done; but that is a matter of getting down to why we are not doing work. Back to the subject, there are people who still have to fix certain parts of there priorities, on a bigger scale, before it pulls them down.
Granted it is never too late for something, but it is also never too late for life to swing the reality hammer on you, and make you grasp hard onto what you have. To recover, from those mistakes, is a journey that can be rough beyond all means.

To watch, friends, not take important things seriously enough, is also a gruesome scene to watch.
But at the same time, you try to help, knowing that only the mistakes and the severity of what is to come, really influence them into the consequences of not taking things into proper matters.

Emotions, what we call human emotions, drive us to do all sort of different things, good, bad, academic, murder, crime, love, hate, and whatever else there is that you can think of.
The root of it, mental and psychological, attuned with our character and personality results in various actions. The environment in which we grew up in, also affects the outcome of how we become who we are.
There are times in your life, you choose to make decision, purely by emotion, even when logical reasoning defies it or makes it impractical to do so. Is it the right one? Are we willing to endure that kind of pressure and roller coaster of feelings and depression that accompanies such choice. We do the strangest of things due to our emotions.

So anyway, long post aside; I will be writing more later.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!.

Final Fantasy Music: Distant Worlds 2009 Concert.

Final Fantasy Music: Distant Worlds of 2009 played in Vancovuer, BC, Canada this year.
I must say, it was quite amazing and enjoyable.
Being able to hear orchestrated versions of soundtracks from the Final Fantasy series,
gives you a sense of immersion with the lively hood of the game.
Re-arranged from the originals, they give a different feel, taste, and/or style to the original.

For those that could not make it, or are not able to attend, we wish you the best of luck in the future in hopes to attend of these concerts.

Also, a special premier was done at this very concert, in which is also a premier for all of North America.
The main theme for Final Fantasy 7, in which has only ever been played by an orchestra, once in Japan, was played at this very concert. It was spectacular. For those that dreamed and wondered what the original theme for Final Fantasy VII. Keep imagining; possibly they will release a CD for it in the future concerts and may have this track in it.

Unfortunaly, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra did not apparently provide proper progames so I do not have a full listing of the songs played.
Those that I can recall right at this very moment include.

Opening~Bombing Mission - FFVII
To Zanakard - FFX
Fisherman's Horizion - FFVIII
Aerith's Theme - FFVII
Terra - FFVI
Theme of Love - FFIV
Memoro de La Stono~Distant Worlds - FFXI
Opera "Maria and Draco" - FFVI
Man with a Machine Gun - FFVIII
Vamo' alla Flamenco - FFIX
Swing de Chocobo - Swing version Chocobo songs.
One-Winged Angel - FFVII
Love Grows - VIII

Also, the conductor, Arnie Roth started the concert off with what we all have heard, deep at heart in many, many of the games from the series.
Victory Fanfare.
He also ended the concert, (After the long progression of 3 encores.) with Fanfare; giving everyone a good night's chuckle.

There will be more to update, but as for now. That will be it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Google Maps Street View Feature

Google maps new feature called "Street View" released in Canada yesterday, and I must say, it is very cool. Within the google maps, zoom to an appoperiate level where you can see streets and on the zoom bar; there is now a little yellow person icon. Drag that onto the road and viola, you will be put into street view.

Google Street View Info Help
The link above will direct you to google maps street view introduction page and gives you a quick brief about it.
It's quite neat. Google took these pictures if I last remember reading few months ago, they also plan to do another round sometime near the Olympics (or when the venues are all completed) so those people coming into Canada (and Vancouver) can take a look at where to go!.

Now, people are bothering about privacy issue and everything, and I have to say, "Are you really going to sue some random person who took a picture of you (or a view and you were in it)?".
The truth? : No, you won't because it's on person and you most likely didn't do. It is in public streets and you are not entitled to the randomness of things that can happen, however, if you were harassed and thnings like that, then it's a different story.

That's really what Google did, they stuck a 360 degree camera on there car, drove around Vancouver / Canada and its various locations (Wow. that must have burnt a lot of gas. Imagine the plains!) and took pictures and collaborated it into there map system. They did however, blur our people's faces (that were close to the car, say sidewalk level most likely, since anything past that is blurred by pixelation.) and license plates and etc. It is very cool; and great tool for guiding friends to somewhere; like click on so and so street, go there, take a left. And they can visually appeal where to go, rather than only figuring out a map and not knowing what the road might look like.

I hope you everyone takes a chance to look at it. It looks quite fun and can be a useful tool.
Please, don't abuse in doing stupid things. Good ideas get trashed because of people doing stupid things with them.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Extension Cable for Latpop in Class.

I brought an extension cable to my psychology class today, so I could plug my laptop in; mostly because the power plug is no where near, and the ones tng on what are near (depending on where I sit) is above me, high on the wall. My extension cable is few meters long and I plugged it into the powerbar that the overhead projector uses.
It's quite humors. The cable is also bright orange.

The classroom is a lecture hall if anyone is wondering.