Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One step seems so far away again.

Bah, I know I'm suppose to be updating with firework stuff and what not. A lot is going on right now. I wasn't prompt enough and didn't check instructions correctly. Somethings are getting messy. A lot is happening. I was not careful enough. I thought I have made it through. Doesn't seem so likely now. Radio is off for the time being. Slightly in a downbeat mood and panic in the mind. I guess I will have to take the long road after all. Firework post is going to have to wait a little longer. For a short bit it all seemed alright.

Ah well. That's how things go. I guess my fault is still pretty dominant over me. Heh, my priorities are not straight. One would say. Mind is spinning in circles really; it's all over the place.
Will I step forward or will I have to take the long road. one suffers for their actions; I just hope it's not too late. So much happening.

The inner void, the future of oneself. To attain and achieve.
They seem so far fetched.
Unfulfilled almost.
Oh well.
I can't wait till my friend comes back.
She is having plenty of fun out their, actually many of my friends are out of time. Hope they are having a blast. ^^, harsh times will embrace us soon.

We shall see won't we.
Good luck to all of us.
If such does exist,
May God have mercy on us.
Those that have been standing strong or trying to.
Heh but then again, my faults are my faults.
It's not something, some super natural force will fix for me.
Just gotta be attentive.

Monday, July 28, 2008

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - USA / + Mini after fireowrk party + Virus Mayhem

As I said earlier, I have to finish this post so here it is. HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 + the after firework mini party and the virus mayhem. Firework photos will be uploaded to my dA and Facebook (Facebook contains the general picks of what was better while dA has two or three which is most likley gonna be featured on this post too.)

I started this post, yesterday (the 28th) at 8:50 pm. It is now the 29th at 2:35AM lol.
Procrastination and Crysis delayed my post quite a bit. Let's get on with this post now shall we?.
Pictures will be uploaded (Well, just one really) under this paragraph in the morning when I am back on my desktop.

HSBC Celebration of Lights '08 - USA. USA displayed an amazing arsenal of their fireworks. Having like this, their 4th of July fireworks must be amazing. After making a long and hidden appearance ; they showed up with a bang. The music but of course, tailored to an American Theme although great pairing of the music matched the Red and Blues of the United States flag colours. Colourful reds, blues, and greens flied and sizzled everywhere. Showcasing the mighty prowess of the United States of America. (Sounds a bit overdone but I'm in a mood for big sounding words at the moment). We, the audience, mistook their high rise, big bang fireworks for their finale three times. At one point they shot some high rockets and bang they went. Astonishing everyone around us. At one point after the second "supposedly ending scene" an airhorn went off (like many other times) but stopped shortly after some barge level flares were fired. Which got everyone laughing. Amazing display definitely. Everyone got up after the first big bang thinking it was the end; until they continued on.

Their finale, I must say, was grand and very, very big. Unfortunately their was not much wind thus the smoke was not blown away. Causing my pictures to clog up with smoke and over-exposure but they're lovely either way :). I'm positive others had fun taking pictures and/or simply watching. At the beginning of the event, we met a first timer coming to watch the fireworks. Living in Vancouver for eight years, he himself was surprised he never came down to watch the fireworks himself.

Two friends came to the fireworks with me and my dad since we were taking photos. One was with his mom down by the beach, we were near the beach towers. My friend came down from his place to take fireworks with me. Before the fireworks started, we attempted to locate a geocache, which we did but too many "muggles" as it has been said around to retrieve the cache.
On the way back; funny things happen. Talking to my friend I said" Hey look! theirs the Kettle Porn stand" he looks at me and then I look back at him all in the same second realizing my mispronunciation of my words. Quickly correcting "I mean Kettle Corn, not porn."
Returned to our post and soon, the fireworks began. Played 7777 and slapjack in the meantime though while waiting; with my brother and two friends. Anyhow. I will continue this later on, (post will not be published but the current time is 3:39AM. Started at 8:50PM.
I guess late night their is not much to do eh?

Alright, It is June 30th. China has just finished. I will write that in a different update.
After June 26th Fireworks (USA) my friend Carmen calls me and says she and her boyfriend need a place to crash. I'm like sure come on over.
So they come over.
Introduced each other. and Yeah, we played Mad Libs *different kinds) for a good 3 hours of total time and watched a movie. Laughed; joked and what not. Lasted till 8 AM.

Anyhow. the day after that. As I'm about to go out, my computer gets infected with a virus.
I'll write this in the later blog I guess. I'm pretty tired.
Anyhow this post is finally done! Viola!

It's shortened a lot cause of being tired and running out of thoughts to write. I might edit later and make it tad detailed.

And here are some photos. The rest will be on Facebook and the better picks will be on my dA and Flickr. Unfortunaly the pictures wern't spetacular due to the clouds being in the way. The wind was not strong enough so the smoke could not be cleared. Netherless they're great to look at. Enjoy

Post-Secondary Education

It is in! The provincial marks and the final year marks. It is to my great pleasure my English Exam was a total mess along with everyone else. But English was good in the sense it was a good mark.
College and possibly university is in the sights. Would've aimed for university but some dents in the plant and slacking brought it down. Nether less! It is very great to know a step forward has been made. Success and hard workship is going to be needed. A hardcore study and etc and I can smile a little now.
On the other note; I know I am suppose to come with another update previously. I am still writing that update. Keep in touch : )

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh boy.

Edit : 12:03: System is fixed!. Radio is back online! Blog update coming soon either in the next hour or after I go to sleep and wake up. Details of the cross journey of the removal and fireworks etc and about today (yesterday) will be up soon.

I have a long update to make about Fireworks, the mini after fireworks party. and how my computer got infected today by a momentary shut-off Anti Virus.

Be back soon.
Keep tuned.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Need Sleep # 2

[03:28] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Alright

[03:28] DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Knights
[03:28] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: *#$&@......

[03:28] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Night.

Garage Vacation

It has been a very long time since the garage in my house was last cleaned out.

And even then it was really just throwing out the junk not really reorgaznise.

Anyhow, it still looks somewhat troublesome but less then before.

In the digging, found a new pair of shoes; got to polish that up. Found a pair of old BG2 Quest Speakers. Never been opened. Took em upstairs after the whole thing. Took the AV box from the upstairs room which is quite old and hasn't really been used ever since the basement was set up. Wasn't used again since speaker audios connected died (which those speakers one of em was tragically murdered by me when I was very young. As I grow up, I now understand the pain my dad felt when I was destructive like that haha.)

AV box didn't work and I looked around and remembered I had a shelf stero near my bed.

Walked over and unhooked the speakers, hooked up the QUEST speakers, plugged in the RCA (RGA? The Red and White cables lol) into the Aux 2 and got my splitter, connected that into my iPod and viola.. Music.

But I had to try it on the CD's that were already in their. Started up the CD and music played better then before. XD. So now Dad (which has one of those shelf stereo things hooked up to his comp cause he uses the aux out to play the sound) is cheap but has great sound quality. We're going to move em down their after he listens to the speakers in my room and give it a try downstairs after. I must say; they're pretty good.

Garage is somewhat organized now. More cleaning to come.

Another session of fireworks are arriving today (since its 1:49am already) USA is on. I'm watching China with freinds so I am not too sure if I will be able to get photos. We will see.

Anyways, have fun everyone.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Books about Sexuality and around the topic.

It has always been curious to me. Its got to be the most awkward thing ever, to walk into a book store, and pickup a book about sexuality for study or not. It's like buying condoms from Safeway.

*shuffles some books over ontop*
"Just uh.. yeah. quickly scan it and stick it into the bag"

Can you imagine, trying to walk into a store like Chapters or Book warehouse and picking up one of those books and then purchasing it at the counter along with other books? Let alone buying that book by itself?!

Being a female maybe; but being male. Some might think that their manhood isn't strong enough. But that is where the audience is wrong. Manning the hood and having the hood are two very different things!.

Anyhow, how this came across my mind? Google and Chapters and some reading and a few good laughs.

Oh well, I prepare for sleep as it is 1 AM now.

Good Night everyone.
Signing off,

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleep...is needed... #1

(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
.omg.. you do not know what just happened.
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
I read the "what's up" I typed to you.
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
and sub conciously typed NOt much
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
in someone elses window
(9:46 PM) -= Austin =- [:
(9:47 PM) 35391291 =):
omg, that could be disaster.
(9:47 PM) -= Austin =- [:
>< (9:47 PM) 35391291 =): thast not good >_>
(9:47 PM) -= Austin =- [:
I know : (

Ohh my... that cannot be good....

HSBC Celebrations Of Light 2008 - Canada

These were the only two photos that turned out (of the fireworks excluding the random pictures before it started). The rest were trashed due to having not checking the settings before the show started : (.

The show was awesome other then that. Fantastic view point. Kits Point near the Maratime Museme. Eline or something Point. The Heritge Harbour : ).

Canada displayed marvelous fireworks with their new style and multi barge performance.
3 Barges, the Main one being the major launches; the additional two provided low to medium fireworks from time to time. This caught many people on suprise.
Good Luck to Canada on their run.
I am looking forward to USA and China. Not sure if I will be able to get pictures of Saturday since I am going with other people. I will try and lug everything with me. Depending on where they want to sit.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vancouver's HSBC Celebration of Lights

Once again, the time has come for HSBC's Celebration of Lights. A great firework ceremony.

The schedule proceeds as so.

Wednesday, July 23 —Canada
Saturday, July 26 — USA
Wednesday, July 30 — China
Saturday, August 2 — Grand Finale

And for once! It is not a foreign country competing.
We have USA in place of oversea countries.
Should prove fun to watch. Lots of money = big fireworks too?
China always had big big fireworks. (Really high ones too).
And Canada as always; is the host country . ^_^.
Another year of fireworks and pictures is to come.
Unfortunately my domain server is not available (and has been for a year or so now due to computer issues and some changes in the basement) so I can't post links to the fireworks.
And my old external died so I do not have last year's firework pictures : (.
I don't have the picked out pictures anymore; so all I can present is the giant cluster of pictures from each country. It is up to you to decide which ones you like (which should be similar most likely to what I have but everyones view is different.)

HSBC Celebration of Lights : Finale '07
: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3725&l=0f2af&id=503993130
HSBC Celebration of Lights : China - Aug 1st.
: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3678&l=8899b&id=503993130


I look forward to a great year.
Instead of shooting from English Bay, I will be at Kits beach. In hopes to get the whole downtown and the side views of area's around the fireworks.
Looking forward to tonight.
And Remember.
Stay safe; keep an eye out for cars and no alcohol! there has been too many incidents with people drinking down their XD.

P.S. For those interestred in my work. I have some posted at http://www.shroker.deviantart.com/

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A quote from a conversation with a friend.

Little Dragon says:
Omg, you are BAD influence
-= Austin =- *unicef [ Sims 3! ] [ There is a voice in me that wants to speak out ] says:
(Lol... why am I a bad influence! T.T )
Little Dragon says:
Dude...I saw Hotels and condoms! Not Hotel and Condos!
-= Austin =- *unicef [ Sims 3! ] [ There is a voice in me that wants to speak out ] says:

Yes, I think that says it all. One joke too many XD.
More to come! Stay in tuned.

A few changes to my Facebook?

What a glorious weather it is today. Anyhow, onto a daily thing.
I've been using Xanga (www.xanga.com) for roughly 5 years now. And around 06 have had it linked to Facebook by RSS.
Since I've brought this blog / page back I guess I might move back here to do proper blogging.
I mean; no one needs to ready mushy stuff all the time ^_^ ; Figured it'd be a good change for the audience.

I'll come back later in the evening to finish up the rest of this post.

P.S. and for those that are on Facebook; please drop by the site for a quick visit ^_^.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Offical 3 Days!

Ghost's Corner is officially three days old!
What left now is to update php and remember how to input php into html and viola;
Radio status will be on this page too.
And possibly intergrete a player that can play the radio on this page too.
That would be fun wouldn't it!?

Wow. compared to before; I had no traffic what so ever. Maybe because I have more of a head to expand my horizon of advertisment and so I can get more traffic in. Even if it's just people come and go's. Still better then "nothing" from years back. Back then it'd simply display
"<07/20/08@12:03:32> [yp_tch] yp.shoutcast.com touched!"
Majority of the log, (That meaning Shoutcast.com has retrieved directory information of the radio).
No one came! XD Haha. But I'm happy these days and I've got working on this website.
I might start up my (personal) blog up again.
Anyhow. I will be back later. Off to watch Hellboy later in the afternoon.

Signing off,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Formaly Shroker's Corner is now Back!

Alas. it has been a while since my net radio was awaken from its slumber.

Ghost's Corner (Formally Shroker's Corner and some other name I had when I was younger)
Is now back alive!.
So!. The details; very picky people we all are.
An internet radio is a live-stream from a server (usually a media player) that streams music or chat host from it's source.
The title for this link is (as many people will notice) based off Portal! Companion Cube!
So I decided to name it Companion Radio Ghost!
Sounds a bit corny I might change this later on but ah well!. We will see.
In the mean time.

Ghost's Corner is a live stream (Sorry for the mishaps that can happen while listening and the sudden music skipping. Please email me asap of the song title you want to go back or drop a note if you liekd this song and want to hear it again sometime in the future (which could be soon) is a 160kpbs @44khz Broadcast.

As of currently : A max capacity of 32 users. (Since this radio is new and fresh their is not much traffic yet)

The genres and styles of music are at random and I welcome all sorts of music.
I will do requets and song uploads when people drop me a email or msg on either Facebook, Xanga, or Blogger (here).

Music, style, themes and everything are mixed. Sometimes it is looped and will play the same artist or style for a few times before being changed. The links for the radio are on the bottom right hand corner under *links*.
I will post the links in a future blog too.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys it for now and I will fine tune the playlists as time passes by.

Thanks for visitng.

A short inept dedication:
Thank you sincerely and very much for listening in and beta testing the radio when I started it up again.
You have all been great freinds and those freinds of my freinds and thier friends and the unknown guets. You've all been wonderful. Thank you for dropping by.
It's a great feeling seeing the difference of then (few years ago) compared to now.

-Ghost (Shroker)