Thursday, February 25, 2010


Possibilities are what drives us.
To go forward.
Lay down the shield and move forward.

I have been holding this shield for so long.
How cumbersome it has been. I think it is time I put it down and lay it to rest.
A wall can only hold up for so long before it needs to be rebuilt.
A fresh wall holds better than an old one.
A freshly forged shield is clean and not dented.
A new shield shines against the sun without muck or scratch.

I think with the recent changes in life. With the distant that has opened up.
I can finally look up, look into your eyes and feel satisfied and truly happy about the time we spent.
When you smile back. I sometimes think about what it must be like when he smiles back at you.
I can only imagine but you've given me the opportunity to know that feeling.

As much as it was one sided. You let me into the boundaries that most would put off-limit to others.
A gratitude given to only those that we care for close by and consider truly, our close friends.
Time through time, we learn and we grow. Experience we gain we put to use on a everyday basis.
A piece we create in our life that will never disappear.
No matter what we do. Our personal integrity grows from it.
We take a large step in hopes we go in the right direction but sometimes we guide ourselves wrong.
Some make it through and some do not.

Everyone has their troubles. The strains and stains that stick through everyday life.
But at the end, when it is all accomplished we take a deep breath of relief.
Sometimes we can only rely on ourselves because in the end if all else fails. There is only ourself.
If that fails then chaos will ensure until the internal emotions are satisfied.

Time will tell.
A tunnel that we keep walking through in hopes to reach the light at the end.
Until then all we can do is try for the best.

Welcome to Life.
Our battlefield of trial and error.
Precision and accuracy.
Aggression and Recession.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Honestly, the protesters that happened in Vancouver. A sentence for you.
"Way to fuck up your protest."
You want us to spend money in the poverty. Sure.
Thanks for making us spend more now in cleaning your mess.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Winter Games 2010 Uniforms

I am rather impressed with the quality and craftsmanship the uniforms provided to us are.
They are comfortable, of decent quality and well put together.

Not too bad.
Finally got a work schedule; after getting pulled for no apparent reason I was left jobless for two
week break.
Although I don';t have as much scheduled time as I wanted still better than nothing right?.

Now to fit my work schedule and my homework schedule together.
Have a great month everyone!

Also, Happy Lunar New Year!


Give it a try people!
Keep track of your sleep and take notes of your sleeping habits!
Set a goal of how many hours of sleep you want to get daily.
YawnLog Beta It`s pretty cool.
My Profile on Yawnlog <-- My profile on YawnLog just made it public recently.
I've been trying to keep it updated on a regular basis so I can keep track of my sleep.
Remember, notes can help you keep track of how it is going!

Windows 7 64-bit!

Around noon today I finished installing Windows 7 64-bit on my laptop. Replacing the old Vista 64-bit.
Now to install Visual Studio and the rest of my programs back onto it.

Been out to the local lumbar store in my area and I am hoping to build a mini target-range in my backyard.
Got some targets from the local store. Wish my backyard was bigger / had a proper place to set up a free-range to target shoot and plink. I'd use the soccer field near my place but not too sure what the rules regarding using public (actually I think its private, hmm. ) for such things.It is nice in the open and if I set it up right should be rather safe from stray fire. Wide open area so people should be able to clearly see what I am doing

Anyways, time to head for sleep.
Catch you all later!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Torch Relay Photo shooting!

I am hoping to get some shots in tomorrow for the Torch Relay. Got my camera packed for tomorrow

Hoping it goes well, it is going to be a long day tomorrow. Hoping to get photos up soon and a slideshow to go with it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What the hell is Vanoc doing?

What on earth is VANOC doing?.
As some may have found out. I got pulled from my job position few days till the Olympic work schedules started. Four people were pulled from the location I was working at.

However, an interesting fact has struck me. One of my friends who didn't get hired previously, informed me that he was hired a few days after I was pulled. Since he was not hired orignally, he was not at the General training for the Radio, for information and others.Venue Training is already past and uniform and our ID pick-ups I assume for wherever he got assigned to (which he does not know yet either.) has passed.

They are pulling out people who know what to expect and probably planned things out to fit in the work scheudle. And here, VANOC is hiring people extremely late with nothing and sticking them in.

Someone tell me how that logically works?. I was somewhat okay with being pulled but knowing that people are be filled in from nothing to somewhere. (And still with nothing) is just frustrating.

Congratulations to him getting the job though. Not frustrated at him. We all need the pocket cash and hopefully he works out his "I was scheduled today?" situation.

Granted they are busy and all but not surprised as to why they are having problems right now.
They need to fix these problems. Hope those that got the positions and are not pulled randomly without reason either.