Monday, February 1, 2010

What the hell is Vanoc doing?

What on earth is VANOC doing?.
As some may have found out. I got pulled from my job position few days till the Olympic work schedules started. Four people were pulled from the location I was working at.

However, an interesting fact has struck me. One of my friends who didn't get hired previously, informed me that he was hired a few days after I was pulled. Since he was not hired orignally, he was not at the General training for the Radio, for information and others.Venue Training is already past and uniform and our ID pick-ups I assume for wherever he got assigned to (which he does not know yet either.) has passed.

They are pulling out people who know what to expect and probably planned things out to fit in the work scheudle. And here, VANOC is hiring people extremely late with nothing and sticking them in.

Someone tell me how that logically works?. I was somewhat okay with being pulled but knowing that people are be filled in from nothing to somewhere. (And still with nothing) is just frustrating.

Congratulations to him getting the job though. Not frustrated at him. We all need the pocket cash and hopefully he works out his "I was scheduled today?" situation.

Granted they are busy and all but not surprised as to why they are having problems right now.
They need to fix these problems. Hope those that got the positions and are not pulled randomly without reason either.

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