Friday, August 28, 2009

Note to Self: Look for Music

Was checking out some music and an Artist, Laura Sullivan,
plays some pretty good piano.
Trying to find some of her music to buy.

Check out her music.


A New Semeseter

Well, it is depressing for myself to think. That I screwed up my first 3 semesters.
What is important is knowing what I have learned from these mistakes.
And improve on them.
That is the most important part of an learning experience.

In other news, how has everyone enjoyed there summer?
I hope the hot weather has not cause mental melt down of the processing centers.
I know it has for computers!.

School is starting soon so don't sleep too late my good friends!.

Good night and sleep well!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday to Moi!

I am officially 19 now.
Legal to corrupt my very own life and error making.
Also the age to fix those as life continues on.

Had a great day, with family and friends.
Ate dinner, yummy crab and lobster.
A new skytrain line opened today and so my friend and I checked it out
and rode it a short bit (since it was free for the day till 9pm).

More to come.
Thanks for all the happy birthdays guys!
From Facebook and the various emails from people and other websites.

Might be planning a party sometime soon,
stay tuned.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Battlestar Galatica 03' series.

I just recently finished Battlestar Galatica and I must say, I am quite impressed with it.
The story line starts off a bit soft and it builds up pretty neatly.

The writer definitely has a liking in putting the lead characters into emotional positions.
Worst case scenarios one can be in.

The music through the seasons and episodes are well done, fitted and sis paired fluently.
I have attained the soundtrack for all the seasons and loving it very much.

There is a big emphasize in hidden meanings. Some such as how society and social rulings effects one's judgment. Personal conflict and emotional conflict. Society vrs Military Tradition.
And also hindlights when those do work out. Its complex to explain in a post as I am not awake to do so.

But I would suggest those that love Sci-fi to check it out. It's a great show.
It's fun, exciting and great with twists.

Signing out,