Friday, December 24, 2010

Building a new mini-server computer

Finally gotten the time to build a mini-server/download computer to manage my media and random servers that I throw up here and there. Soon, the Minecraft server will be moved there and lessen the load on my computer. :)

Happy Holidays everyone.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Minecraft Beta and Server 1.0

Minecraft has now moved into Beta and the server has been updated to 1.0.
Server-side has been updated to 1.0, Sorry for the downtime while I was asleep.
Forgot to check and change / update the server.

System is up and running now aside from the bugs that occurred due to some changes.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rain, showers, and massive wind!

          Massive rain storm has been happening for the last 24 hours and a giant wind storm to go along with it.
Weather is coming about though. Should make paintballing this weekend rather interesting. Short post today, not much to write about. Some other  things to mention but that will come later.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Strip cleaning my Milsig Paradigm

             Today is a really slow day, suppose to be doing some homework and studying but instead sat down in my bedroom and tinkered with my Milsig Paradigm. Recently I acquired a bottle of Gold Cup Paintball oil and will be getting three more bottles for spare. I typically use TechT Gun Drops oil (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH GUN OIL*).which is a bit thicker but relatively smooth. Anyways, I wish I had Gold Cup first so I can save myself from liberally applying some rather expensive oil (about $12CAD from where I bought it)

       I plan to get another bottle soon but will be using my TechT Gun SAV grease for parts that will scrape against metal but does not need super thin oil. I use it for my pump arm on my pump cocker in an attempt to reduce the scraping of the body. I also use it to hold parts together, like the grip frame to the body. It will stick and move less when it is screwed it. I put them around threading to reduce thread locking and thread scratching.

       Anyways, on to the main part. I stripped everything down today and made a small cup of 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol mixture and proceeded to wipe down everything, including the cleaning of the marker body.

       Used some Gold Cup Paintball oil and lubed the hammer, sear, bolt and other moving parts, I get my chrony in two days and so we will see how slow it is shooting with the velocity screw turned in.  I probably will get some graphs setup when I start getting the numbers in.

Until then, school work!

Good luck to everyone on their finals and daily lives.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Current Vancouver, BC Weather.

The current weather: snowing.
Some pretty god flurries

Should be a interesting day if the snow keeps up like this.
Drive carefully and safely everyone!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter, Winter. Let it snow, let it snow.

It has started to snow in various locations throughout the Lower Mainland in BC.
Burnaby and SFU mountain has reported heavy snow and this weekend should be even more snow.

I look forward to Saturdays' game in the possible snow.

Take care everyone and DRIVE SAFE!


Northshore Paintball, November 7th, 2010

      Paintballing last Saturday was great fun. The weather had just cleared out from the day before and luckily it has only been light rain, nothing too serious.

It was just myself this day but its always fun regardless. I haave gotten the chance to play with my pump Autococker that I assembled with various parts but it has been performing well.

My MilSig Paradigm is going to sit out for the winter season as it takes time to sit down and clean every little bit of it and school keeps me preoccupied from cleaning her carefully.

With that said, I'm hoping to look forward to the next couple weeks of all-weather games.
I should start bringing my camera.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Good steam. Good mood. Good groove.

Working on my programming assignments right now and I am in a good groove.
Assignments are coming along and they are elegant and smooth running.
Take forever to put together but getting all the details down is important and making sure you get all the crook and crannies is the way to go. : )

Hope to see you guys all later.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Northshore Paintball: October 16th 2010.

I wrote a long post and then it got fubared. So..screw that....

Dinner was super fun, not too bad but filled with lots of jokes, comments and stories.
Paintball went super well and everyone enjoyed themselves.
We had lots of fun.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekend of Posts!

This weekend, while working on my coding projects, I am going to sit down and write my blog posts.
I have an airgun post to finish writing, working on a post about Paintballing since March, and a post about an album I am making, photos of around my old Elementary school.: Queen Mary Elementary.

Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!.
Just one more month to go for our friends on the other side of the border!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

School storm kicking up

School is kicking into high gear and it is time to get my game face on.
Haha. free time should be non-existent so I shouldn't be bumming around too much.
Lots of things to do but its all pretty fun.

Have to stay on top of my game and get the sleep that is required.
I have a few blog posts coming up that I want to finish when time frees up.
Get some photos in and set up the layout. : )

Stay tuned!,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beginning of Fall 2010

Another semester, another year.
Time has come for school to begin.
With the experience and knowledge of the past. I put it forward to learn and fix the mistakes of the past.
Hopes and cheers to a good year and soldier on through what I failed to do in the past.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anime Evolution 2010 - 1 Day to go.

       Anime Evolution this year has taken a re-vamped structure and we are heading a new photography department.
As part of that department, last year we organized our photographers.
However, this year, instead of being a main photographer. My friend and I have started our own project which is a media lab. The lab will organize all our photos and secure our backups.

       A project that has come together neatly and is at my disposal as I am the manager of the lab. We are running a third-party software that I personally use at home to maintain backups.
      Looking forward to it this year and hope to see new cosplays and more attendees'.
For those that have not bought tickets yet. Come and get them!, $55 for all three days at the door.
If anyone wants to have their photos taken, please call or text me. I will see when I am available so I can meet up with you.

Have fun everyone!
See you at the convention, if not, enjoy your summer.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paintball: Frontline Soldier

  Paintball has been quite the thrill lately. Although I have been a little bit busy the past month.
It has been a great source of exercise.

  Richmond Indoor Paintball, In Richmond BC. Was very enjoyable; I went there with a friend and some of his buddies and we all liked it. The Urban city-scape setup made corner assaults very merry.
We managed to go at a time where it was just us four. 2 v 2 battles turned out epic.

  Although their prices are a little bit expensive, if you have the money to spare it is well worth it.
I may be enlisted / invited to the "Shock" Team (Richmond Indoor Paintball's to-be-made) Paintball team.
Quite excited about that, although I have no job. I will have to search for one to support school and recreational activities. However, if the team becomes a source of income along with having a job. That makes it a bigger bonus.

  So all for the hopes!. I've lost weight recently so I am quite happy. Slimming down is one of my main goals and I am slowly achieving that!.

Take care everyone,
Enjoy your summer.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

HSBC Celebration of Light 2010 - China Tribute!

As China could not participate this year, a tribute team took their place.
Although Spain and Mexico really gave each other a run for the audience.

China was a little bit lacking in style and beauty. However, they put out a decent bang show.

Here are some gallery sets from the fireworks last night.

Flickr is separated into last nights photos while deviantArt, the new ones have simply been added into the previous set.
Link to the gallery set on deviantArt

HSBC CoL 2010 China 2 by ~Shroker on deviantART

Sunday, July 25, 2010

HSBC Celebration of Lights - Spain 2010

Here is a teaser picture from HSBC Celebration of lights fireworks display.
Held in Vancouver, BC, Canada at English Bay.
Today was Spain's turn to show their display.

Here is a teaser picture. I will go through them tomorrow.
Experimented with shooting a more, wide-angle view for Spain.
It turned out nicely. The rest is tinkering the settings. :)

Spain Teaser - 2010 by ~Shroker on deviantART

Saturday, July 24, 2010

As I sit here, typing on my phone.
I read the past, all this time, I lead myself to believe a false hope.
Inprisoning my closest friend into my own hole.
I've ruined.our friendship with no possible way to fix things.

How a fool I have been. As we drift apart, I wish we could be together. An after thought is all that is left.

This beautiful display of fireworks that is soon to occur, would be perfect.
No matter, that is the past.
I'm always regretting or pondering about something. A cold hearted beast lies below. Wanting to be released.
Oh, how it wants to.

Emotional attachments, how I've troubled myself with it.
I'm sorry, my dear friend, for the trouble I've caused.
For pushing myself onto you. I hope happiness follows you on your road.

I thank you, for everything.
Forever friends, or so I would hope.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Going forward.

Things have been well, shaping up a bit better and feel a lot more at ease these days.

I'm glad I took the summer semester off. Being able to just relax a little bit and clean everything up has been treating me nicely.Getting through some personal issues can be difficult but everyone has to go through it.
Sometimes, we hope to have fixed things better. However, things can happen in reverse to what we expect.

Lately, I've been reading some Math stuff for school and some self-reading. CUDA (Nvidia's GPU Programming Architecture ) has been a great read and hoping to start writing some simple programs on the GPU. Until then, I will be back with more goodies!. Hopefully.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Northshore Paintball : July 17th, 2010

         The weather took shine as I hit the field this afternoon. Around fifty people were present at one o'clock, by two twenty to three there was 120ish people. A good amount of renters played on sight and it got things going.

My left arm looks like an army of mosquitoes bit me, however, 4-5 shots that hit my arm bounced and never exploded, leaving no cuts. Annoying thing? Mosquito bites are more annoying then my paintball injuries.
Rounded out a few good tags today.

Short post tonight, want to get some sleep and I was only there for three hours. Wanted to get home so I can shower and head out for a family dinner.

Next up for home is some CUDA and C++ Reading. w00t!.

Signing out,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Northshore Paintball: July 10th, 2010.

Paintball turned out great today. Few scrapes and bumps from thorns and sliding into rocks in shorts is a bit iffy. Probably will be heading out again next weekend. Hopefully I can get some other people to show up.

The sun was beaming and there was a light breeze in the waiting area. I estimated about 80 people present at a given time and counted about 25 female players. On Friday's Northshore offers free entry (and I think rental) for girls! All you have to do is buy paint!.

Because of the summer heat, sweat does not precipitate and drip onto the visor as easily compared to the cooler days, which is a trade off for the heat. Met a few people there and grabbed a few e-mails. Thorn bushes are evil; I have cuts everywhere on my arms and legs from them.

I am hoping to start taking some pictures of the waiting area and perhaps some in-game pictures. We will have to see how that goes. Wanting to get some pictures of me out on the field too. The summer season is starting so will be out more often to get exercise in and hoping to get outside more frequent in general.

Take care everyone!.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Room Cleaning - Phase 2

    The floor is clean for the most part now. (Area behind table not included).
Right now, I am organizing the shelves and cleaning out old papers.
Things have been going well this summer. Getting out to exercise is nice; room is starting to shape up and feeling a bit better nowadays.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Northshore Paintball : July 4th, 2010.

A few of the pictures that were taken.
Some pictures my friend took.

   That was a great day, was completely exhausting after the second game. Massive sprinting depleted my sleep deprived body. Came out totally blurred and almost wanting to collapse; took a breather and drank some water.

  The rest of the day progressed very well. Some steep action and entertained crowds. Which was fun scaring the crap out of them as I was sprinting past the viewing area (is mesh protected of course, but I had a whole bunch of people firing rounds off at me. They were a little bit freaked out when the mesh just started flapping and splatter landing on wood panels near me.

  Scratched my left leg a bit badly and forgot to wear knee pads throughout half the day so bare-kneeing was a bit annoying. Other than that exercise has been well and loving my marker more and more everday.
Now to make up for the money spent on all that gear.

  On another note: As my online radio has been offline indefinitely, I will be changing the name of this blog sometime soon. It will no longer be called Companion Radio Ghost!. Perhaps "The Journeys of Shroker: Behind Enemy Lines" Same content, ranging from computer related topics to everyday things to sports and recreational activities like Paintball. Old topics also include music too.

  Photography has been coming along well and slowly getting back into it again as the weather sets in.
My ankle has been well for quite awhile now but never really journeyed much with my 5D as shortly after I got it I had injured my ankle. It's been nearly two years now (wow!). I really should put my loving camera into work.

See you guys around,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Facta Non Verba

"Viam Inveniemus" - We Will Find A Way
Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Motto.

Friday, June 18, 2010

GPU- Tech!

Hmm, so I have a post about GPU-Tech and GPU Computing coming up and just putting things together.
Can't wait to finish it up.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Livestream Channel


Shroker and I will be collaborating on a new Livestream project. We will be streaming various videos and movies of various interests like games, replays, movies etc.

We'll also be taking video requests if there are any.

linky linky: here.

Afion Ruki,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Spring Weather

The weather is finally shaping up and it is a great chance to get out and exercise.
The breeze is nice and smooth and isn't in the way too much, keeps the sun glow nice and cozy without roasting your butt.

For those that are out and about playing sports. Summer is slowly setting in so make use of it!
As for me, paintballing has been very nice with the recent updraft of the sun.
Previous weeks have only been down pour and mud. So it is nice to see dry ground and the sun.

Only recently got back in paintballing. Although with the purchase of my recent gear I have set myself back a bit and need to find a job now to provide for funding school and paintball field costs.
However, gear well invested and taken care of, will last quite a while.
It is a decent form of exercise and now I simply have to contemplate it with some other forms of exercise and minimum of walking everyday.

Get out there guys! Enjoy the weather!
And good luck to those taking classes this summer.
We're all cheering for ya.

Best of luck,
Shroker (Ghost)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MilSig M-Series Paradigm

This is a quick snapshot of the MilSig M-Series Paradigm Limited Edition Paintball marker.
It is a magazine fed paintball marker but can be converted to use a hopper within a few minutes.
It features a beautiful CNC body. Machined with 7-Series Aluminum and 6-series Aluminum it gives the body a strong body and rugged frame.

  • Caliber: 0.68 Cal.
  • Weight: 3.150kg (without Mag & 13CI HPA Cylinder)
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Length: 39" Full Length / 33" Without Extension
  • Power Source: HPA, Nitrogen, CO2
  • Operating Pressure: 800psi
  • Barrel Length: 18" Full Length / 12" Without Extension
  • Velocity: 250-350 fps
  • Stock: 13CI HPA Stock
  • Construction: 7-Series Aluminum, 6-Series Aluminum, Polyethylene Plastic, ABS Plastic, Steel Nuts and Bolts
The Paradigm features Zinc Allow Open Style Front & Rear sights. The peep sight can be adjusted with 4 different peep hole settings on a rotating dial. 
A air-in stock (referred to as Moible Air Tank Stock (MATS ) houses a 13CI tank and has adjustable positions. Although the shortness of your adjustment comes down to how long your tank is.
The OEM MilSig tank is a about 20cm long.
The MATS allows mobility and no remote lines. 
So far I have been able to shoot off about 130 rounds.
Which is equivalent to 5-6 magazines.

The magazines themselves hold 19 rounds each. The ones I own
are in smoke color. These magazines use a winder and a spring to
feed the paintballs into the chamber. The winder pulls back the spring and a clam shell style nozzle with ball detentes in it keeps the paintballs from dropping out. When the clam shell is pushed down, it releases the detentes and allows the balls to be fed into the chamber. When the magazine is clipped into the marker, it presses a pin and releases the winder.

When I get the chance I will write up another post about the internals of the magazine and possibly the marker itself during a cleaning process.
The 557 Holosight is a separate purchase but once you have it dialed in, it shoots wonderfully and hits on target.

A bonus feature of the MilSig Magazine Feed System is that their markers can be easily converted to become a hopper based shooter within minutes.
All in all. It is a well built paintball marker. Durable and a great strong feeling to it. It fires well and is great for MilSim scenerios.
Also satisfies the need of a replica firearm. In later post I will write up about the MilSig Solid Gear product line tactical vests.

    Tuesday, April 27, 2010

    Starcraft 2 Beta Key!

    Got my Starcraft 2 Beta Key two days ago.
    Loving it, sort of stink now though. Haven't play in a while and I still have the bad habit of turtling.

    Monday, April 19, 2010

    NorthShore Paintball #1

    So after a few years of not paintballing.
    I hit the field again, this time with new equipment!.

    About five hours of superb fun.
    Got lots of running in.
    Hoping to shape my posts into a better format sometime soon.
    Pictures will be up soon.

    Saturday, April 17, 2010

    MilSig Paradigm Paintball Marker

    About a week ago I decided that I will be attempting to take back up Paintballing and use it as a form of off-site exercise. I love paintballing and it is a great sport to enjoy. However, I didn't want to use rental stuff anymore and decided to research and invest into it.
    Although it was not cheap I came across MilSig.
    A Canadian company and there goods are manufactured in Taiwan. Being a local Vancouver person there distrubution office and warehouse is in Richmond. (They are not a retail store!).

    However, there are places that do carry MilSig stuff and are their registered dealers.
    Paradigm is one of their top of the line paintball markers and is also a limited edition series.
    With that said. My serial number is 000137. They released the Paradigm last year in 2009.

    I will have photos posted soon but at the moment I can say it is beautiful.
    Most of the body and the shroud etc is CNC Machined Aircraft grade aluminum.
    It is a magazine fed marker but can be converted to use a hopper (which is a simple conversion. Not hard to do at all, the marker includes the kit for it). But the main intent of MilSig Markers are that they are magazine fed which is great for those that love to run Mil Sim Scenario Paintball and just love Mag Fed stuff themselves.

    Anyways, for now I will be back later.

    Hanging out with Brad.

    Really fun night.
    What went from guys steak night became shot drinking night
    and then video gaming and really fun conversations with friends of Brad's.
    Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures of the food so we ate the steak which was really good.
    Coming to think of it. We forgot to take pictures of the fries too.

    To be updated later!.
    For now, hopefully the rain is not going to kill things so I can go paintballing.

    Wednesday, April 14, 2010

    New Airgun.

    Will be posting an update about the airgun I got about a month ago.
    Along with its accesories, scope and some pellets that I bought.

    As for now.
    It is a Industry Brand QB-78 Deluxe.
    Bolt Action - C02 Airgun.

    Thursday, April 8, 2010

    TBC Lap time

    Finally got my lap times at TBC back down to
    Now to work on throttle and braking control.
    Loose some weight and finalize seat and pedal positions.
    Goal is still to get the time into the 30's and below.
    Hopefully at some point hitting 29's.

    I think I'm going a bit aggressive on the straights or maybe not aggressive enough.
    Need to pin the throttle a bit more and take it into the corners better.
    Got a two whole seconds to save off.

    Fastest lap as of recently: 31.386 seconds.
    TBC Indoor Racing Go Kart website

    Tuesday, April 6, 2010

    Hard to imagine we are almost half way into the year already.
    Its been a long road.
    A bumpy one but lots have been gained and in some ways some things have been lost.

    Have a nice upcoming summer everyone!.
    It is only a few months away. Hope people have plans to enjoy what will hopefully
    be a sunny summer.


    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    A unexpected run-in today.
    The after-shock was rather interesting and I must say dealing with it
    Is another trivial experience.

    Yet again, emotions show there colors of having a grasp on our actions and thoughts.
    Really lost on the road now.

    Its back to what it was that oh so many years ago.
    Its happened again.
    Ironically with a four year period.
    Life is humorous that way I guess.
    Ever wish one could have the chance?

    Softly smile, your smile that will always cheer me up.
    No matter where we are or where we go.
    That adoring smile and soft voice.

    So with that aside, which won't be for a loooonnngg time.
    School has been busy.
    Crazy and nut cased.
    I wish my air rifle stuff would come faster in the mail.
    Like lighting speed.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010


    Possibilities are what drives us.
    To go forward.
    Lay down the shield and move forward.

    I have been holding this shield for so long.
    How cumbersome it has been. I think it is time I put it down and lay it to rest.
    A wall can only hold up for so long before it needs to be rebuilt.
    A fresh wall holds better than an old one.
    A freshly forged shield is clean and not dented.
    A new shield shines against the sun without muck or scratch.

    I think with the recent changes in life. With the distant that has opened up.
    I can finally look up, look into your eyes and feel satisfied and truly happy about the time we spent.
    When you smile back. I sometimes think about what it must be like when he smiles back at you.
    I can only imagine but you've given me the opportunity to know that feeling.

    As much as it was one sided. You let me into the boundaries that most would put off-limit to others.
    A gratitude given to only those that we care for close by and consider truly, our close friends.
    Time through time, we learn and we grow. Experience we gain we put to use on a everyday basis.
    A piece we create in our life that will never disappear.
    No matter what we do. Our personal integrity grows from it.
    We take a large step in hopes we go in the right direction but sometimes we guide ourselves wrong.
    Some make it through and some do not.

    Everyone has their troubles. The strains and stains that stick through everyday life.
    But at the end, when it is all accomplished we take a deep breath of relief.
    Sometimes we can only rely on ourselves because in the end if all else fails. There is only ourself.
    If that fails then chaos will ensure until the internal emotions are satisfied.

    Time will tell.
    A tunnel that we keep walking through in hopes to reach the light at the end.
    Until then all we can do is try for the best.

    Welcome to Life.
    Our battlefield of trial and error.
    Precision and accuracy.
    Aggression and Recession.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Honestly, the protesters that happened in Vancouver. A sentence for you.
    "Way to fuck up your protest."
    You want us to spend money in the poverty. Sure.
    Thanks for making us spend more now in cleaning your mess.

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Olympic Winter Games 2010 Uniforms

    I am rather impressed with the quality and craftsmanship the uniforms provided to us are.
    They are comfortable, of decent quality and well put together.

    Not too bad.
    Finally got a work schedule; after getting pulled for no apparent reason I was left jobless for two
    week break.
    Although I don';t have as much scheduled time as I wanted still better than nothing right?.

    Now to fit my work schedule and my homework schedule together.
    Have a great month everyone!

    Also, Happy Lunar New Year!


    Give it a try people!
    Keep track of your sleep and take notes of your sleeping habits!
    Set a goal of how many hours of sleep you want to get daily.
    YawnLog Beta It`s pretty cool.
    My Profile on Yawnlog <-- My profile on YawnLog just made it public recently.
    I've been trying to keep it updated on a regular basis so I can keep track of my sleep.
    Remember, notes can help you keep track of how it is going!

    Windows 7 64-bit!

    Around noon today I finished installing Windows 7 64-bit on my laptop. Replacing the old Vista 64-bit.
    Now to install Visual Studio and the rest of my programs back onto it.

    Been out to the local lumbar store in my area and I am hoping to build a mini target-range in my backyard.
    Got some targets from the local store. Wish my backyard was bigger / had a proper place to set up a free-range to target shoot and plink. I'd use the soccer field near my place but not too sure what the rules regarding using public (actually I think its private, hmm. ) for such things.It is nice in the open and if I set it up right should be rather safe from stray fire. Wide open area so people should be able to clearly see what I am doing

    Anyways, time to head for sleep.
    Catch you all later!


    Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Torch Relay Photo shooting!

    I am hoping to get some shots in tomorrow for the Torch Relay. Got my camera packed for tomorrow

    Hoping it goes well, it is going to be a long day tomorrow. Hoping to get photos up soon and a slideshow to go with it.

    Monday, February 1, 2010

    What the hell is Vanoc doing?

    What on earth is VANOC doing?.
    As some may have found out. I got pulled from my job position few days till the Olympic work schedules started. Four people were pulled from the location I was working at.

    However, an interesting fact has struck me. One of my friends who didn't get hired previously, informed me that he was hired a few days after I was pulled. Since he was not hired orignally, he was not at the General training for the Radio, for information and others.Venue Training is already past and uniform and our ID pick-ups I assume for wherever he got assigned to (which he does not know yet either.) has passed.

    They are pulling out people who know what to expect and probably planned things out to fit in the work scheudle. And here, VANOC is hiring people extremely late with nothing and sticking them in.

    Someone tell me how that logically works?. I was somewhat okay with being pulled but knowing that people are be filled in from nothing to somewhere. (And still with nothing) is just frustrating.

    Congratulations to him getting the job though. Not frustrated at him. We all need the pocket cash and hopefully he works out his "I was scheduled today?" situation.

    Granted they are busy and all but not surprised as to why they are having problems right now.
    They need to fix these problems. Hope those that got the positions and are not pulled randomly without reason either.

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    Game DRM with Internet connection

    Alright so rant.
    There are a lot of people who are just oblivious to the needs of NOT HAVING INTERNET.
    Everybody assumes that just because you own a PC. You are always connected to the internet.

    I just recently moved my computer downstairs to connect to the HDTV. And until we set up our access point downstairs. I do not have internet for it as it gets really slow and unstable due to the shielding in the basement.
    GASP! I cannot play due to the requirement of internet connection in order to play.

    Some people agree with the idea that laptops are constantly on the move so they do not have internet but then go on about how PC's are always connected. What if your internet service is down. A week ago, we had a giant windstorm and Shaw was out for a few hours; what if that was a few days.

    Again, some other problems will be LAN parties, (for those that are unfamiliar with the term. It is where people bring their computers to someplace and play games locally.) What if it happens to be a true LAN with just a router that has no internet connected between the computers. You'd have problems.

    Internet DRM is not the way to go. They will just have to bite and hope for the best of people to buy the games when they can. It doesn't help that companies like Activision plan on increasing video game prices.
    I mean, I am sure plenty of you play MMO's. Which obviously are dependent on an internet connection and then anger spews when you lost internet connection due to some hiccup on the router.

    *BAM* Disconnection. Good Game. Have a nice day.

    Tuesday, January 5, 2010

    B Building Lab Upgrades!

    So apparently, over here at Langara our lower level computer labs in the B Building got new overhauls for hardware.

    New Acer Keyboards.
    A nice Samsung Sync Master 22.43" LCD Monitor.

    Core 2 Duo E8400 (3.00Ghz) CPU installed with 3gbs of RAM.
    Windows XP SP 3.

    Quite impressive as the older ones were slower than this. At the moment they don't have monitor resolutions locked up so while most are stuck at the smaller resolution and don't know how to change it, got it to the maximum.

    Although Firefox has not been configured yet for the internet which I find funny.

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Old Year and New Year

    Well, 2010 is here.
    It is now officaly one year annivesiry since I broke my ankle.
    Damn does time fly...

    Some goals are to
    -Lose weight,
    -Stay productive
    -Keep room clean.
    -Stay on top of school work
    -Get a job/continue.

    Went Go-Karting with AFanCorp (Afion Ruki) at TBC Richmond.
    Time to beat for me : 32.686.
    Afion's time to beat: 30.960.

    Hoping to work up another weekly homework meet and maybe a monthly chill off meet.
    More to come.

    Hoping to keep this update for this year too.