Thursday, April 29, 2010

MilSig M-Series Paradigm

This is a quick snapshot of the MilSig M-Series Paradigm Limited Edition Paintball marker.
It is a magazine fed paintball marker but can be converted to use a hopper within a few minutes.
It features a beautiful CNC body. Machined with 7-Series Aluminum and 6-series Aluminum it gives the body a strong body and rugged frame.

  • Caliber: 0.68 Cal.
  • Weight: 3.150kg (without Mag & 13CI HPA Cylinder)
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Length: 39" Full Length / 33" Without Extension
  • Power Source: HPA, Nitrogen, CO2
  • Operating Pressure: 800psi
  • Barrel Length: 18" Full Length / 12" Without Extension
  • Velocity: 250-350 fps
  • Stock: 13CI HPA Stock
  • Construction: 7-Series Aluminum, 6-Series Aluminum, Polyethylene Plastic, ABS Plastic, Steel Nuts and Bolts
The Paradigm features Zinc Allow Open Style Front & Rear sights. The peep sight can be adjusted with 4 different peep hole settings on a rotating dial. 
A air-in stock (referred to as Moible Air Tank Stock (MATS ) houses a 13CI tank and has adjustable positions. Although the shortness of your adjustment comes down to how long your tank is.
The OEM MilSig tank is a about 20cm long.
The MATS allows mobility and no remote lines. 
So far I have been able to shoot off about 130 rounds.
Which is equivalent to 5-6 magazines.

The magazines themselves hold 19 rounds each. The ones I own
are in smoke color. These magazines use a winder and a spring to
feed the paintballs into the chamber. The winder pulls back the spring and a clam shell style nozzle with ball detentes in it keeps the paintballs from dropping out. When the clam shell is pushed down, it releases the detentes and allows the balls to be fed into the chamber. When the magazine is clipped into the marker, it presses a pin and releases the winder.

When I get the chance I will write up another post about the internals of the magazine and possibly the marker itself during a cleaning process.
The 557 Holosight is a separate purchase but once you have it dialed in, it shoots wonderfully and hits on target.

A bonus feature of the MilSig Magazine Feed System is that their markers can be easily converted to become a hopper based shooter within minutes.
All in all. It is a well built paintball marker. Durable and a great strong feeling to it. It fires well and is great for MilSim scenerios.
Also satisfies the need of a replica firearm. In later post I will write up about the MilSig Solid Gear product line tactical vests.

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