Sunday, November 6, 2011

Forza Motorsports 4 P1.

    Forza Motorsports 4 by Turn 10 released on October 11th 2011. Now, I have been waiting for this game for quite some time. As the time went on and various trailers and videos were released the passion and drive for racing, automotive sports and driving kicked into full gear. I should say I started my first impressions with the couple of gameplay trailers and TV commercials.

 First impressions began with their updated imaging-based lighting system. Forza 4 improves on what Forza 3 built and ironed out the details. Graphically the game feels very familiar as the base of the engine still remains the same I believe. The added lighting system, improved textures and rendering presents the overall package as a new, refreshing but very familiar game. Taking a sharp corner going full throttle and then being blind sided by the sun glare is something players will often come across until they feel the groove and know where the corner is. 

    A new feature to the Forza Motorsports line is the Autovista gallery. The Autovista gallery features 24 cars from the game in high graphical detail. Ranging from specific car components such as wheels, engine, aerodynamic flaps and cockpit design. In addition to the regular voicing for Autovsita, Turn 10 signed a long-term contract with BBC TV showhosts Top Gear featuring Jeremy Clarkson. Each Autovista vehicle has a description written and voiced by Jeremy Clarkson in their very own show-host style and personality. For those that have watched Top Gear UK or is a fan of Jeremy Clarkson will enjoy this addition of humor but may seem distant for those that have never heard of either. With that said, Autovista can be used with the Xbox Kinect feature allowing users to move around the car and open up the door, trunk and engine hood with their hand motions.

   Kinect allows headtracking in Forza 4, allowing users to look left and right into their corners or checking their sides when pulling through a corner. Although I have not fluently tested out the usage of the Kinect with the game I look forward to using it in the near future. 

  Turn 10 partnered up with Pirelli to rework Forza 4's tire data by introducing a consistent and dedicated set of tests for the game. Instead of using a combination of different tire information and results; Pirelli has provided all the tire information allowing Turn 10 to directly put the data into the game engine. The result is cars now feel responsive and provide better detail and feedback. In addition to the tire data is update suspension mechanics which takes in account for AWD, FWD, RWD, and different car suspensions between American muscle cars and a Japanese AWD car. The combination allows the player to feel the grip from cold tires to prime temperatures as one races through hairpins and fast corners.

   The second part will consist of the rivals system and new multilayer features.
Stay tuned.