Sunday, March 14, 2010

A unexpected run-in today.
The after-shock was rather interesting and I must say dealing with it
Is another trivial experience.

Yet again, emotions show there colors of having a grasp on our actions and thoughts.
Really lost on the road now.

Its back to what it was that oh so many years ago.
Its happened again.
Ironically with a four year period.
Life is humorous that way I guess.
Ever wish one could have the chance?

Softly smile, your smile that will always cheer me up.
No matter where we are or where we go.
That adoring smile and soft voice.

So with that aside, which won't be for a loooonnngg time.
School has been busy.
Crazy and nut cased.
I wish my air rifle stuff would come faster in the mail.
Like lighting speed.