Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So it beings again.

Person says (12:06 AM):
night ^^
-= Austin =- *unicef says (12:06 AM):
: )
Don't sleep too long!
Person says (12:07 AM):
i want to though
-= Austin =- *unicef says (12:07 AM):
Don't sleep too late
Yes. I need some sleep too
Person says (12:07 AM):

Friday, November 6, 2009

Consumed by Google Chrome.

Google Chrome has latched onto me.
Will be slowing moving out of Firefox and into Chrome.

Seems pretty fun to use so far. Relativity smooth and quick when it comes to loading pages.

Room is Cleaned! Again.

I have throughly cleaned my room again, dusted, moved things around and reorgainized a LOT of things.
It is a great feeling when you are able to get things done and have a fresh feeling of accomplishment.

Got through my philosophy test yesterday, although I don't feel too well about it.
Did not do well. That is a given. However, my previous two tests were superb so it will hold up, but even then. It's a downer to bomb one. : (.

Vancouver's weather has started to kick up with a storm warning. Buckets and gallons of rain and lungful of wind is being blown everywhere.

Take care everyone, winter break is almost here.