Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween is coming and ipod woes.

On a side note. My iPod has come across a nasty downfall. The index has disappeared.
The songs still exist on the ipod (which I am happy to inform people; check your ipod if hte files still exist if this happens to you). Happily I don't use iTunes which is probably why most people have this problem because iTunes probably uses the same index.

Hopefully I can fix that soon. Programming has been great and plenty of fun. Lots to come on that. This update was intended for October 12th but has been postponed till now.
Other then that I am very, very pysked to announce (Although probably has been already)

Bleach Original Soundtrack Volume 3 is being released on November 5th 2008. I am very excited for this as Bleach is one of those anime's that are wonderful to enjoy in an anime form rather then manga. As Bleach takes on a intensive artistic background. I shall do my Bleach post someday; although re-reading on some notes about Bleach and commentary. I'm quite happy that I was on-dot about Bleach's creative aspect in the sense it's character design focused. Bleach is quite well made, artistically and the music is changing (in a good sense) and matches well.

Some anime's that I "loved" died in this aspect as after Gundam Seed Destiny. I haven’t really turned my face to look at Gundam as much as I used to. Only the old stuff now. Gundam SeeD and Destiny had the problem of predictability and repetition in music. Their music was designed to "specific" to one scene, when the OST came out. It was near rubbish. Certain scenes would have music you'd probably have listened to many times left the scene dull as the music over-played on the character speaking. Other then that the series was good. A bit repeated in Destiny but netherless not bad.

Bleach however; I will keep this short. Is a long term anime and one must keep their eyes open as we have yet to discover the background of Ichigo's dad who has quite a special kimono. Appearing constantly in the after-show comedy plots. The fact that in the current arc one may have noticed *Spoiler*

His “hollow transformation” powers have much, much longer longitivity(spelling error!) and higher immensity in power. Kind of singling that things are still happening in the background. If I am to remember they are left off doing preparations. One can’t really say they “left” the arrancar arc since it is the main arc to Bleach.

That is the end of the spoilers.

Continuing on; Bleach does a fantastic job of mixing and matching the music; and not having one origin of music just makes the play so lovely and fantastic. A common thing you will notice in most animes’ is the same style of music. Bleach has a twist from different origin’s and even in “names and titles” of spells, casts, zanpaktous’ and locations. Span from English to Spanish and to German backgrounds.

Spanish usage in the themes were used due to its presentation of words with certain tones. Quoting Tite Kubo “became interested in Spanish because, to him, the language sounded "bewitching" and "mellow". Another aspect I love about Bleach at the current moment. I’m not sure if this is true with more newer, and recent animes. Is that the first majority of episodes, 1-167. Were broadcasted in regular 4:3 Aspect ratio. Something like 640x by something. Episodes 168+ is done in widescreen 16:9 which is beautiful I must say. Full screen without much degradation in quality. That 2nd closest from HQ / HD. Haha. Any user with a 21” monitor and less can enjoy this fully and those with 22” and 24”+ will enjoy it just as much with a proper widescreen view and not black edges.

I think that is it for the night. Early morning more over since it is 12:50am as of October 16th. I need to get up early and do some studying and what not. I’m looking forward to the rest of the school term. Next year will be rather interesting but what the hey right?

I wish everyone good luck on their remaining mid-terms for those who have it and best of luck to the rest of your semesters.




Radio is still down unfortunaly. My computer is offline to prevent distractions. I do most of my work on my laptop now. Since I love my laptop <3>

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Into the month of October

Amazing isn't it. How it is already October. The year 2008 feels liek it only just started and now it's already come to an end.

This is going to be a short post since I have an assignment to finish.
I've been doing a lot of things and met up with some old friends?.
She got a Pentax k1000 with 6 lenses for roughy $200. We talked about it and had some fun playing around with them while discussion some info about analog and digital camerea over soem coffee.

I've been playing around again with the speakers that I pulled out of my garage. I mentioned it earlier a month ago. Quest "QB5" (I think they are) have taken over the speakers that are on my stero of some 11 years now.

Sound quality is beautiful.

In recent news. I have my computer disassebled to keep me from hopping onto it and not getting work done so radio will be offline indefintely for the time being.

And the fact we are doing a lot of stuff on the network so it's a bit slow to broadcast. However. Laptop is in my room under the table shelf which is hooked up to the moniter that was connected to my PC. 24" Dell. You got to love it.

Also, my friend has "lent" (which will also indefintely probably remain in my hands) her analog camera which she found in her mom's closet. A Canon EOS 1000. Yes. One of the first series of eletric 35mm (135mm) film cameras. I will do the details later.

Back to work. I'l finish the rest of this after assignment is finished.