Sunday, August 31, 2008


=-Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Hey; what you doing tmrw?
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
trmws labour day ....
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
How can school star tmrw.
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
todays labour
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Wait what..
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Isn't monday no school?
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
today is monday
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
ain't it?
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
Today is sunday....
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
rofl. nice.
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:
AFanCorp: Check updates at says:
computer calender screwed
-= Austin =- *unicef [ 18 years of age, Hoorah ][ ] (Sleeping) says:

Photo is coming up soon.

School In-Session

School is starting soon. I guess I will be able to keep a regular blog and photos possibly when school starts up.
Computer Science here I come.
Langara then UBC that is the target aim.
Looks like a fun time ahead of me? :D.
Who knows haha.
I shall keep this little dude updated; as I have been falling behind haven't I?

Anyhow; When I do get radio back working again;
Some new songs I will be playing that I haven't played before because they have been sitting in a dark corner in my library.
One of them is "Kiss From A Rose by Angela Aki"
It's quite nice.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Radio is dead again. and AE + extras

Router is acting up.
Radio is causing some instabilities.

Anime Evolution was very fantastic.
When my friends leave I will update this post too.
Sleepover was a blast.
I will dump the albums into Facebook and then provide links for em.
We have had lot's of fun.

More to come.
Haha. Yes. I haven't really done a real post in a while since we've all been doin things.

Ghost signing off.

And for some laugthers from fail blog.

Click here for fail blog-ness

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Been a great week! Lots of super fun has been happening.
I will be back today to update./

Radio is backonline too btw!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ghost is Officially 18 Years of Age.

Hello Everyone! I am officially 18,
Haha I didn't finish this post as I went for dinner with family then went to friends house after that. We have been working on our costume.

More to come.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Halo 3 Party!


AFanCorp here!

Just woken up from last night's Halo 3 party. Put it simply, we partied hard all night.

A brief summary of what happened;

Ghost, Pyro, and I decided that we'd go blow things up down by the beach after eating at flow and buying materials for a Horo costume that someone else would be wearing. Not a lot of blowing things up occurred, but a lost cap did get burned and a plastic bottle shot at many times. Me being my blind self couldn't see shit at all, nonetheless I still managed to hit the bottle.

On our way back to the car, the thought of heading over to my house for a Halo party surfaced, so I did some call ups and got approval for my two friends to come over. Half the fun was playing Halo, but the better part was the drinking. I can't remember how many glasses of alcohol they drank, but I can tell you that they were drinking stuff past 30% alchol. Lulz ensued, and with alcohol in mind, Pyro defeated us in Halo. The party ended at 0330 sadly and they of course went back to their homes. I could only hope that nothing happened on the way, and so far it SEEMS nothing has happened. Again, it only seems...

The sad part is that I don't have any pictures. Perhaps my friend here may be able to post some since he was the only one who took the few pictures during our washroom breaks.

P.S. Shroker (Ghost here) I had ONE glass.. Pyro on the other hand...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Main Floor is going through some Sanding.

Main floor of my house is going through some sanding works.
So Radio will be offline for the week. It will / should be back up the end of Friday. Perhaps earlier.
If I do get the chance though, I will move the computer downstairs and host it their or some off site place.

In the mean time;
Enjoy your summers.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

EVE Lan Party

So yeah, I've got Bill and Alex (from Churchill) over at my house. Don't know what we're going to do.
Playing EVE. Trying out his RC Car later.

Should be a fun night.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I will update very soon!

I will update soon.
Do not worry : ).
Haha, Firework pictures and update to be on here in the day or so to come.
Been busy with course application and an upcoming exam.
Wish me luck!


Friday, August 1, 2008

(Click to enlarge)

New Record high of 1MB/s from getting Bleach from Dattebayo.
Either they upped their server bandwidth or I caught it in the nick of time with lots of seeders
Or all of the above haha.

Others Who Need Sleep #1

[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
oops lol
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
i cycled thru your album
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
5 times
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
before i realized there were only 16 photos
[c=3]⋠⋘ Vï[R]üŽ-χ⋙⋡ 《..err stuff...》[/c=10] says:
Austin - [ ] says:

Yes, I think we can all agree, my friend here needs sleep too.
Note: * No! The [c=3] are not penises! those are colour codes for msn! *
Or so I thought that's what my other friend was mentioning.....

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - China

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - China.
China did a fantastic work of their music and fireworks. Impressive inventory.
Although their music was complete random needless to say. They showcased an amazing night.
And bbl for this post

The pre-fireworks

The Fireworks first half

And the ending bit.

enjoy. I'l be making this post longer with the details of that day later on.


I feel like my head is about to explode.
There are so many things to figure out.
Some things that can really worry one's mind.
Priorities are very important. Never let the slip by.
If you've got something to do.
Sit down and do it.
If you don't. It will bite you very hard in the rear.

7 more days till a birthday of my good friends.
16 more days till my own.