Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where did time go?

My first post of the year is in Jan and it is May already.
I guess I am pretty behind in posts eh?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Landed in Toronto

Touched down in Toronto Thursday at four Am PST.
Had a good day. Had breakfast with friend and his friend. Took a afternoon nap as we both have been pretty sleep deprived. All is well. We both hit bed early and feeling well rested now.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Headphone amp Power Supply!

dedicated power supply for my Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 has arrived!.

Hand built by Rock Grotto from Scotland.

Pictures and some details to follow in another posting but damn!.

Early impressions: I am very impressed! As many people have suggested; this thing really does keep on the power and does not fade. The Little Pinkie SE is very well built externally and internally.
The sound keeps up and the details are not lost when the sound stage gets busy.

I will write more and get some photos later today.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

End of 2012. Start of 2013.

I have not kept up with the likes of my blog as of late. Which is a little bit disappointing but I have been quite busy. 2013 will be a fun year and I look forward to it. A few things have happened in the last stretch of December and that has made me very excited.

2012 started out a bit slow and I set a few goals for myself but they were not fully achieved. However, I have had a progressive year. Although it did not go as smoothly as I wanted; I put down some anchor points that will help me through 2013. These are the anchor points that we need to use and remember how they effect us on our journey through life. Always remember how we progress from failures and success.

I didn't really accomplish some goals that I had set out. Did not really lose weight nor did I fully fix my sleeping but I look to adjust that this month. I have a lot to do and catch up on. What do I look forward to this new year? Getting healthy. I have to lose weight and get back in shape. It's not something to just think about as a goal or a joke. I should put the energy forward and be serious about it.

In the past year I have grown more confident, a bit more active and have taking initiative to get things done and meet new people. I have to carry that energy forward and make use of it. No more diddle daddle. The last several months has been very exciting. I have become a huge fan of Lindsey Stirling. She is a violinist who is very energetic and has a great personality! I got the pleasure to meet her in person when she played a concert here in Vancouver, BC. Least to say I was super excited. I've loved a lot of her pieces and her playing in person is full of energy and passion.

Lindsey Stirling performing at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, BC, Canada

On top of that I got a CD and my violin case signed by her. It was truly an inspiring moment. I am very glad to have attended this concert and taken photos of her.
The rest can be found here : Lindsey Stirling Concert photo album.
To see Lindsey perform live and watching her passion and personality shine through her music, dancing and playing is very inspiring. It reminds us that it doesn't matter who tells us what we can and what we cannot do. We have to find it in ourselves to find the strength to go forward and achieve what we want.
Go down trying then to not have tried at all.

It is very frequent that we get put down by our own emotions. Our lingering expectations and hopes for something in hoping that our effort and time is recognized by others. There are times you think to yourself whether or not that time spent is worth it or not. If people even care. Sometimes it takes time for the progress to pay off. We get knocked to our knees but we have to climb our way back out. One has to look back on the past, the failures and the successes to learn from that experience to grow and progress forward.
Inspiration, motivation and passion is the fuel that a person needs to work towards their goals. Sometimes they are big goals and sometimes they are small goals we set for our daily routine.

I started working for a company local here in my city which has been fun. Like all workplaces there will be frustrating moments and times where I will really have to haul ass but it feels good to be there. What they hold for me in the future I am not sure but I look forward to it in the long run and we never know where it may or will take us. How this coincides with my future plans; I do not know but things will progress and I will find out. I really do look forward to promoting events and games in the local municipality and get the name out.

I got a bit of fun shooting a cabaret show in December for a friend and that was a lot of fun!. Cabaret shows are very fun to attend and watch. There is so many forms of dance and art.

Austin Jeng Photography Facebook Fan Page

All in all; 2012 could have been much better but I pulled out of a lot of slumps and I feel so much better emotionally and mentally. I do feel like I am striving forward and fixing a lot of problems that have been pulling me down in the last few years. Emotional slumps are the worst and to break out of that cycle has been a major relief. Sometimes you don't realize just how much you have connected with someone until they suddenly turn around on you and as time passes you watch all the bridges slowly burn away.

Life continues forward. Always remember to try to find the bright side of things, stay optimistic and objective. There are always things that will try to put us down and we just have to find that shining light and pull our way through. Friends, family and the communities we participate in are there to help us. Don't feel so  proud or be afraid to look weak to reach an arm out for a buddy to help you out. In the end; if those are the people who are criticizing you then you need to be looking for a different group of people. Look hard and dig around and generally (and hopefully) you find someone that can lend you a hand.

Have a good year everyone.
Good luck with life, school, family, work and our personal health.

Signing out,

Friday, January 11, 2013

January posts

Alright, so the new year has passed and a few things I want to write are in slot to be done.

First up, will be my super long post about 2012 and how things have been for me and along with some nifty end of the year opportunities. I will do a short write up about my recently acquired Airsoft gun.

The KJ Works Tanio Koba M4A1. I have already put a few magazine worth of airsoft bbs through this system and I love it. Reading about it just makes me more and more happy as I delve into a very massive thread on ArnieAirsoft.

An article about 4 months in with my MILSIG Paradigm Pro. Absolute love. The people I play with and the atmosphere that surrounds me for this little section of Paintball is what keeps me rooted. It is fun and exciting in its own way. The Parabine has been shooting very well and will continue to operate and kick butt.

A stand-in article of my audio equipment. The "start up" posts of my headphones, amp, preamp and DAC is on hold but I will write what I think of them so far.

Nexus 7. Tech Sex. That is all. Well, short of my recent computer build overhaul last summer.


African Penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Signing off,