Friday, January 11, 2013

January posts

Alright, so the new year has passed and a few things I want to write are in slot to be done.

First up, will be my super long post about 2012 and how things have been for me and along with some nifty end of the year opportunities. I will do a short write up about my recently acquired Airsoft gun.

The KJ Works Tanio Koba M4A1. I have already put a few magazine worth of airsoft bbs through this system and I love it. Reading about it just makes me more and more happy as I delve into a very massive thread on ArnieAirsoft.

An article about 4 months in with my MILSIG Paradigm Pro. Absolute love. The people I play with and the atmosphere that surrounds me for this little section of Paintball is what keeps me rooted. It is fun and exciting in its own way. The Parabine has been shooting very well and will continue to operate and kick butt.

A stand-in article of my audio equipment. The "start up" posts of my headphones, amp, preamp and DAC is on hold but I will write what I think of them so far.

Nexus 7. Tech Sex. That is all. Well, short of my recent computer build overhaul last summer.


African Penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Signing off,

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