Saturday, April 17, 2010

MilSig Paradigm Paintball Marker

About a week ago I decided that I will be attempting to take back up Paintballing and use it as a form of off-site exercise. I love paintballing and it is a great sport to enjoy. However, I didn't want to use rental stuff anymore and decided to research and invest into it.
Although it was not cheap I came across MilSig.
A Canadian company and there goods are manufactured in Taiwan. Being a local Vancouver person there distrubution office and warehouse is in Richmond. (They are not a retail store!).

However, there are places that do carry MilSig stuff and are their registered dealers.
Paradigm is one of their top of the line paintball markers and is also a limited edition series.
With that said. My serial number is 000137. They released the Paradigm last year in 2009.

I will have photos posted soon but at the moment I can say it is beautiful.
Most of the body and the shroud etc is CNC Machined Aircraft grade aluminum.
It is a magazine fed marker but can be converted to use a hopper (which is a simple conversion. Not hard to do at all, the marker includes the kit for it). But the main intent of MilSig Markers are that they are magazine fed which is great for those that love to run Mil Sim Scenario Paintball and just love Mag Fed stuff themselves.

Anyways, for now I will be back later.

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