Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Strip cleaning my Milsig Paradigm

             Today is a really slow day, suppose to be doing some homework and studying but instead sat down in my bedroom and tinkered with my Milsig Paradigm. Recently I acquired a bottle of Gold Cup Paintball oil and will be getting three more bottles for spare. I typically use TechT Gun Drops oil (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH GUN OIL*).which is a bit thicker but relatively smooth. Anyways, I wish I had Gold Cup first so I can save myself from liberally applying some rather expensive oil (about $12CAD from where I bought it)

       I plan to get another bottle soon but will be using my TechT Gun SAV grease for parts that will scrape against metal but does not need super thin oil. I use it for my pump arm on my pump cocker in an attempt to reduce the scraping of the body. I also use it to hold parts together, like the grip frame to the body. It will stick and move less when it is screwed it. I put them around threading to reduce thread locking and thread scratching.

       Anyways, on to the main part. I stripped everything down today and made a small cup of 50/50 water and rubbing alcohol mixture and proceeded to wipe down everything, including the cleaning of the marker body.

       Used some Gold Cup Paintball oil and lubed the hammer, sear, bolt and other moving parts, I get my chrony in two days and so we will see how slow it is shooting with the velocity screw turned in.  I probably will get some graphs setup when I start getting the numbers in.

Until then, school work!

Good luck to everyone on their finals and daily lives.


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