Saturday, July 24, 2010

As I sit here, typing on my phone.
I read the past, all this time, I lead myself to believe a false hope.
Inprisoning my closest friend into my own hole.
I've ruined.our friendship with no possible way to fix things.

How a fool I have been. As we drift apart, I wish we could be together. An after thought is all that is left.

This beautiful display of fireworks that is soon to occur, would be perfect.
No matter, that is the past.
I'm always regretting or pondering about something. A cold hearted beast lies below. Wanting to be released.
Oh, how it wants to.

Emotional attachments, how I've troubled myself with it.
I'm sorry, my dear friend, for the trouble I've caused.
For pushing myself onto you. I hope happiness follows you on your road.

I thank you, for everything.
Forever friends, or so I would hope.

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