Thursday, July 8, 2010

Northshore Paintball : July 4th, 2010.

A few of the pictures that were taken.
Some pictures my friend took.

   That was a great day, was completely exhausting after the second game. Massive sprinting depleted my sleep deprived body. Came out totally blurred and almost wanting to collapse; took a breather and drank some water.

  The rest of the day progressed very well. Some steep action and entertained crowds. Which was fun scaring the crap out of them as I was sprinting past the viewing area (is mesh protected of course, but I had a whole bunch of people firing rounds off at me. They were a little bit freaked out when the mesh just started flapping and splatter landing on wood panels near me.

  Scratched my left leg a bit badly and forgot to wear knee pads throughout half the day so bare-kneeing was a bit annoying. Other than that exercise has been well and loving my marker more and more everday.
Now to make up for the money spent on all that gear.

  On another note: As my online radio has been offline indefinitely, I will be changing the name of this blog sometime soon. It will no longer be called Companion Radio Ghost!. Perhaps "The Journeys of Shroker: Behind Enemy Lines" Same content, ranging from computer related topics to everyday things to sports and recreational activities like Paintball. Old topics also include music too.

  Photography has been coming along well and slowly getting back into it again as the weather sets in.
My ankle has been well for quite awhile now but never really journeyed much with my 5D as shortly after I got it I had injured my ankle. It's been nearly two years now (wow!). I really should put my loving camera into work.

See you guys around,

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