Sunday, July 18, 2010

Northshore Paintball : July 17th, 2010

         The weather took shine as I hit the field this afternoon. Around fifty people were present at one o'clock, by two twenty to three there was 120ish people. A good amount of renters played on sight and it got things going.

My left arm looks like an army of mosquitoes bit me, however, 4-5 shots that hit my arm bounced and never exploded, leaving no cuts. Annoying thing? Mosquito bites are more annoying then my paintball injuries.
Rounded out a few good tags today.

Short post tonight, want to get some sleep and I was only there for three hours. Wanted to get home so I can shower and head out for a family dinner.

Next up for home is some CUDA and C++ Reading. w00t!.

Signing out,

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