Thursday, February 25, 2010


Possibilities are what drives us.
To go forward.
Lay down the shield and move forward.

I have been holding this shield for so long.
How cumbersome it has been. I think it is time I put it down and lay it to rest.
A wall can only hold up for so long before it needs to be rebuilt.
A fresh wall holds better than an old one.
A freshly forged shield is clean and not dented.
A new shield shines against the sun without muck or scratch.

I think with the recent changes in life. With the distant that has opened up.
I can finally look up, look into your eyes and feel satisfied and truly happy about the time we spent.
When you smile back. I sometimes think about what it must be like when he smiles back at you.
I can only imagine but you've given me the opportunity to know that feeling.

As much as it was one sided. You let me into the boundaries that most would put off-limit to others.
A gratitude given to only those that we care for close by and consider truly, our close friends.
Time through time, we learn and we grow. Experience we gain we put to use on a everyday basis.
A piece we create in our life that will never disappear.
No matter what we do. Our personal integrity grows from it.
We take a large step in hopes we go in the right direction but sometimes we guide ourselves wrong.
Some make it through and some do not.

Everyone has their troubles. The strains and stains that stick through everyday life.
But at the end, when it is all accomplished we take a deep breath of relief.
Sometimes we can only rely on ourselves because in the end if all else fails. There is only ourself.
If that fails then chaos will ensure until the internal emotions are satisfied.

Time will tell.
A tunnel that we keep walking through in hopes to reach the light at the end.
Until then all we can do is try for the best.

Welcome to Life.
Our battlefield of trial and error.
Precision and accuracy.
Aggression and Recession.

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