Monday, February 15, 2010

Windows 7 64-bit!

Around noon today I finished installing Windows 7 64-bit on my laptop. Replacing the old Vista 64-bit.
Now to install Visual Studio and the rest of my programs back onto it.

Been out to the local lumbar store in my area and I am hoping to build a mini target-range in my backyard.
Got some targets from the local store. Wish my backyard was bigger / had a proper place to set up a free-range to target shoot and plink. I'd use the soccer field near my place but not too sure what the rules regarding using public (actually I think its private, hmm. ) for such things.It is nice in the open and if I set it up right should be rather safe from stray fire. Wide open area so people should be able to clearly see what I am doing

Anyways, time to head for sleep.
Catch you all later!


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