Thursday, August 5, 2010

Paintball: Frontline Soldier

  Paintball has been quite the thrill lately. Although I have been a little bit busy the past month.
It has been a great source of exercise.

  Richmond Indoor Paintball, In Richmond BC. Was very enjoyable; I went there with a friend and some of his buddies and we all liked it. The Urban city-scape setup made corner assaults very merry.
We managed to go at a time where it was just us four. 2 v 2 battles turned out epic.

  Although their prices are a little bit expensive, if you have the money to spare it is well worth it.
I may be enlisted / invited to the "Shock" Team (Richmond Indoor Paintball's to-be-made) Paintball team.
Quite excited about that, although I have no job. I will have to search for one to support school and recreational activities. However, if the team becomes a source of income along with having a job. That makes it a bigger bonus.

  So all for the hopes!. I've lost weight recently so I am quite happy. Slimming down is one of my main goals and I am slowly achieving that!.

Take care everyone,
Enjoy your summer.

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