Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anime Evolution 2010 - 1 Day to go.

       Anime Evolution this year has taken a re-vamped structure and we are heading a new photography department.
As part of that department, last year we organized our photographers.
However, this year, instead of being a main photographer. My friend and I have started our own project which is a media lab. The lab will organize all our photos and secure our backups.

       A project that has come together neatly and is at my disposal as I am the manager of the lab. We are running a third-party software that I personally use at home to maintain backups.
      Looking forward to it this year and hope to see new cosplays and more attendees'.
For those that have not bought tickets yet. Come and get them!, $55 for all three days at the door.
If anyone wants to have their photos taken, please call or text me. I will see when I am available so I can meet up with you.

Have fun everyone!
See you at the convention, if not, enjoy your summer.


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