Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Game DRM with Internet connection

Alright so rant.
There are a lot of people who are just oblivious to the needs of NOT HAVING INTERNET.
Everybody assumes that just because you own a PC. You are always connected to the internet.

I just recently moved my computer downstairs to connect to the HDTV. And until we set up our access point downstairs. I do not have internet for it as it gets really slow and unstable due to the shielding in the basement.
GASP! I cannot play due to the requirement of internet connection in order to play.

Some people agree with the idea that laptops are constantly on the move so they do not have internet but then go on about how PC's are always connected. What if your internet service is down. A week ago, we had a giant windstorm and Shaw was out for a few hours; what if that was a few days.

Again, some other problems will be LAN parties, (for those that are unfamiliar with the term. It is where people bring their computers to someplace and play games locally.) What if it happens to be a true LAN with just a router that has no internet connected between the computers. You'd have problems.

Internet DRM is not the way to go. They will just have to bite and hope for the best of people to buy the games when they can. It doesn't help that companies like Activision plan on increasing video game prices.
I mean, I am sure plenty of you play MMO's. Which obviously are dependent on an internet connection and then anger spews when you lost internet connection due to some hiccup on the router.

*BAM* Disconnection. Good Game. Have a nice day.

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