Saturday, July 19, 2008

Formaly Shroker's Corner is now Back!

Alas. it has been a while since my net radio was awaken from its slumber.

Ghost's Corner (Formally Shroker's Corner and some other name I had when I was younger)
Is now back alive!.
So!. The details; very picky people we all are.
An internet radio is a live-stream from a server (usually a media player) that streams music or chat host from it's source.
The title for this link is (as many people will notice) based off Portal! Companion Cube!
So I decided to name it Companion Radio Ghost!
Sounds a bit corny I might change this later on but ah well!. We will see.
In the mean time.

Ghost's Corner is a live stream (Sorry for the mishaps that can happen while listening and the sudden music skipping. Please email me asap of the song title you want to go back or drop a note if you liekd this song and want to hear it again sometime in the future (which could be soon) is a 160kpbs @44khz Broadcast.

As of currently : A max capacity of 32 users. (Since this radio is new and fresh their is not much traffic yet)

The genres and styles of music are at random and I welcome all sorts of music.
I will do requets and song uploads when people drop me a email or msg on either Facebook, Xanga, or Blogger (here).

Music, style, themes and everything are mixed. Sometimes it is looped and will play the same artist or style for a few times before being changed. The links for the radio are on the bottom right hand corner under *links*.
I will post the links in a future blog too.

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys it for now and I will fine tune the playlists as time passes by.

Thanks for visitng.

A short inept dedication:
Thank you sincerely and very much for listening in and beta testing the radio when I started it up again.
You have all been great freinds and those freinds of my freinds and thier friends and the unknown guets. You've all been wonderful. Thank you for dropping by.
It's a great feeling seeing the difference of then (few years ago) compared to now.

-Ghost (Shroker)

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