Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garage Vacation

It has been a very long time since the garage in my house was last cleaned out.

And even then it was really just throwing out the junk not really reorgaznise.

Anyhow, it still looks somewhat troublesome but less then before.

In the digging, found a new pair of shoes; got to polish that up. Found a pair of old BG2 Quest Speakers. Never been opened. Took em upstairs after the whole thing. Took the AV box from the upstairs room which is quite old and hasn't really been used ever since the basement was set up. Wasn't used again since speaker audios connected died (which those speakers one of em was tragically murdered by me when I was very young. As I grow up, I now understand the pain my dad felt when I was destructive like that haha.)

AV box didn't work and I looked around and remembered I had a shelf stero near my bed.

Walked over and unhooked the speakers, hooked up the QUEST speakers, plugged in the RCA (RGA? The Red and White cables lol) into the Aux 2 and got my splitter, connected that into my iPod and viola.. Music.

But I had to try it on the CD's that were already in their. Started up the CD and music played better then before. XD. So now Dad (which has one of those shelf stereo things hooked up to his comp cause he uses the aux out to play the sound) is cheap but has great sound quality. We're going to move em down their after he listens to the speakers in my room and give it a try downstairs after. I must say; they're pretty good.

Garage is somewhat organized now. More cleaning to come.

Another session of fireworks are arriving today (since its 1:49am already) USA is on. I'm watching China with freinds so I am not too sure if I will be able to get photos. We will see.

Anyways, have fun everyone.


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