Thursday, July 24, 2008

HSBC Celebrations Of Light 2008 - Canada

These were the only two photos that turned out (of the fireworks excluding the random pictures before it started). The rest were trashed due to having not checking the settings before the show started : (.

The show was awesome other then that. Fantastic view point. Kits Point near the Maratime Museme. Eline or something Point. The Heritge Harbour : ).

Canada displayed marvelous fireworks with their new style and multi barge performance.
3 Barges, the Main one being the major launches; the additional two provided low to medium fireworks from time to time. This caught many people on suprise.
Good Luck to Canada on their run.
I am looking forward to USA and China. Not sure if I will be able to get pictures of Saturday since I am going with other people. I will try and lug everything with me. Depending on where they want to sit.

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