Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One step seems so far away again.

Bah, I know I'm suppose to be updating with firework stuff and what not. A lot is going on right now. I wasn't prompt enough and didn't check instructions correctly. Somethings are getting messy. A lot is happening. I was not careful enough. I thought I have made it through. Doesn't seem so likely now. Radio is off for the time being. Slightly in a downbeat mood and panic in the mind. I guess I will have to take the long road after all. Firework post is going to have to wait a little longer. For a short bit it all seemed alright.

Ah well. That's how things go. I guess my fault is still pretty dominant over me. Heh, my priorities are not straight. One would say. Mind is spinning in circles really; it's all over the place.
Will I step forward or will I have to take the long road. one suffers for their actions; I just hope it's not too late. So much happening.

The inner void, the future of oneself. To attain and achieve.
They seem so far fetched.
Unfulfilled almost.
Oh well.
I can't wait till my friend comes back.
She is having plenty of fun out their, actually many of my friends are out of time. Hope they are having a blast. ^^, harsh times will embrace us soon.

We shall see won't we.
Good luck to all of us.
If such does exist,
May God have mercy on us.
Those that have been standing strong or trying to.
Heh but then again, my faults are my faults.
It's not something, some super natural force will fix for me.
Just gotta be attentive.

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