Friday, July 25, 2008

Books about Sexuality and around the topic.

It has always been curious to me. Its got to be the most awkward thing ever, to walk into a book store, and pickup a book about sexuality for study or not. It's like buying condoms from Safeway.

*shuffles some books over ontop*
"Just uh.. yeah. quickly scan it and stick it into the bag"

Can you imagine, trying to walk into a store like Chapters or Book warehouse and picking up one of those books and then purchasing it at the counter along with other books? Let alone buying that book by itself?!

Being a female maybe; but being male. Some might think that their manhood isn't strong enough. But that is where the audience is wrong. Manning the hood and having the hood are two very different things!.

Anyhow, how this came across my mind? Google and Chapters and some reading and a few good laughs.

Oh well, I prepare for sleep as it is 1 AM now.

Good Night everyone.
Signing off,

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