Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vancouver's HSBC Celebration of Lights

Once again, the time has come for HSBC's Celebration of Lights. A great firework ceremony.

The schedule proceeds as so.

Wednesday, July 23 —Canada
Saturday, July 26 — USA
Wednesday, July 30 — China
Saturday, August 2 — Grand Finale

And for once! It is not a foreign country competing.
We have USA in place of oversea countries.
Should prove fun to watch. Lots of money = big fireworks too?
China always had big big fireworks. (Really high ones too).
And Canada as always; is the host country . ^_^.
Another year of fireworks and pictures is to come.
Unfortunately my domain server is not available (and has been for a year or so now due to computer issues and some changes in the basement) so I can't post links to the fireworks.
And my old external died so I do not have last year's firework pictures : (.
I don't have the picked out pictures anymore; so all I can present is the giant cluster of pictures from each country. It is up to you to decide which ones you like (which should be similar most likely to what I have but everyones view is different.)

HSBC Celebration of Lights : Finale '07
HSBC Celebration of Lights : China - Aug 1st.


I look forward to a great year.
Instead of shooting from English Bay, I will be at Kits beach. In hopes to get the whole downtown and the side views of area's around the fireworks.
Looking forward to tonight.
And Remember.
Stay safe; keep an eye out for cars and no alcohol! there has been too many incidents with people drinking down their XD.

P.S. For those interestred in my work. I have some posted at

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