Sunday, July 20, 2008

Offical 3 Days!

Ghost's Corner is officially three days old!
What left now is to update php and remember how to input php into html and viola;
Radio status will be on this page too.
And possibly intergrete a player that can play the radio on this page too.
That would be fun wouldn't it!?

Wow. compared to before; I had no traffic what so ever. Maybe because I have more of a head to expand my horizon of advertisment and so I can get more traffic in. Even if it's just people come and go's. Still better then "nothing" from years back. Back then it'd simply display
"<07/20/08@12:03:32> [yp_tch] touched!"
Majority of the log, (That meaning has retrieved directory information of the radio).
No one came! XD Haha. But I'm happy these days and I've got working on this website.
I might start up my (personal) blog up again.
Anyhow. I will be back later. Off to watch Hellboy later in the afternoon.

Signing off,

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