Monday, July 28, 2008

HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 - USA / + Mini after fireowrk party + Virus Mayhem

As I said earlier, I have to finish this post so here it is. HSBC Celebration of Lights 2008 + the after firework mini party and the virus mayhem. Firework photos will be uploaded to my dA and Facebook (Facebook contains the general picks of what was better while dA has two or three which is most likley gonna be featured on this post too.)

I started this post, yesterday (the 28th) at 8:50 pm. It is now the 29th at 2:35AM lol.
Procrastination and Crysis delayed my post quite a bit. Let's get on with this post now shall we?.
Pictures will be uploaded (Well, just one really) under this paragraph in the morning when I am back on my desktop.

HSBC Celebration of Lights '08 - USA. USA displayed an amazing arsenal of their fireworks. Having like this, their 4th of July fireworks must be amazing. After making a long and hidden appearance ; they showed up with a bang. The music but of course, tailored to an American Theme although great pairing of the music matched the Red and Blues of the United States flag colours. Colourful reds, blues, and greens flied and sizzled everywhere. Showcasing the mighty prowess of the United States of America. (Sounds a bit overdone but I'm in a mood for big sounding words at the moment). We, the audience, mistook their high rise, big bang fireworks for their finale three times. At one point they shot some high rockets and bang they went. Astonishing everyone around us. At one point after the second "supposedly ending scene" an airhorn went off (like many other times) but stopped shortly after some barge level flares were fired. Which got everyone laughing. Amazing display definitely. Everyone got up after the first big bang thinking it was the end; until they continued on.

Their finale, I must say, was grand and very, very big. Unfortunately their was not much wind thus the smoke was not blown away. Causing my pictures to clog up with smoke and over-exposure but they're lovely either way :). I'm positive others had fun taking pictures and/or simply watching. At the beginning of the event, we met a first timer coming to watch the fireworks. Living in Vancouver for eight years, he himself was surprised he never came down to watch the fireworks himself.

Two friends came to the fireworks with me and my dad since we were taking photos. One was with his mom down by the beach, we were near the beach towers. My friend came down from his place to take fireworks with me. Before the fireworks started, we attempted to locate a geocache, which we did but too many "muggles" as it has been said around to retrieve the cache.
On the way back; funny things happen. Talking to my friend I said" Hey look! theirs the Kettle Porn stand" he looks at me and then I look back at him all in the same second realizing my mispronunciation of my words. Quickly correcting "I mean Kettle Corn, not porn."
Returned to our post and soon, the fireworks began. Played 7777 and slapjack in the meantime though while waiting; with my brother and two friends. Anyhow. I will continue this later on, (post will not be published but the current time is 3:39AM. Started at 8:50PM.
I guess late night their is not much to do eh?

Alright, It is June 30th. China has just finished. I will write that in a different update.
After June 26th Fireworks (USA) my friend Carmen calls me and says she and her boyfriend need a place to crash. I'm like sure come on over.
So they come over.
Introduced each other. and Yeah, we played Mad Libs *different kinds) for a good 3 hours of total time and watched a movie. Laughed; joked and what not. Lasted till 8 AM.

Anyhow. the day after that. As I'm about to go out, my computer gets infected with a virus.
I'll write this in the later blog I guess. I'm pretty tired.
Anyhow this post is finally done! Viola!

It's shortened a lot cause of being tired and running out of thoughts to write. I might edit later and make it tad detailed.

And here are some photos. The rest will be on Facebook and the better picks will be on my dA and Flickr. Unfortunaly the pictures wern't spetacular due to the clouds being in the way. The wind was not strong enough so the smoke could not be cleared. Netherless they're great to look at. Enjoy

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