Saturday, May 23, 2009

Late Night Conversatoin #3

So on the phone with a friend at night.
We were talking about how we haven't met up in a while.
Names have been changed for disclosure.

Me: "I haven't seen Pillow for a while"
Tak: "You haven;t felt Pillow in a while?!"
Me: "What?!"
Tak: "Sure, lets go to UBC one day, then you can feel him with your hands all over."
Me: "We should flash Pillow".
Tak: "Flash?! Wait what?"
Me: *all of us are cracking up laughing* "No! I mean call flash!. Not flash flash."
Tak: "Oooohh. Okay"

And it lead to a conversation about explaining to Pillow on what had happened.
Eventually we all fell asleep.

Other than that. My ankle is getting better I think. I have a checkup this upcoming Monday.
Should be doing well. Managed to play some light basketball. Hope it did not kill my ankle.

See everyone around soon.


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