Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 Cheers for class assignment extension.

And so our class got an extension till next Monday for our big assignment; rather then this Tuesday. Which is nice. More time to work out the kinks I had in the program.
Having one frame blow up on another and crashing my compiler is rather interesting too.

You know you've done something wrong when you see the words
"Abort Policy" show up in the errors and repeated a bunch of times.
These few days have been good I must say. Since I've actually gotten around to programming,
I decided to make use of my long monitor for it's "not gaming purpose" but into it's "reading and mostly programming or code writing purposes" Upright 24". I must say. It is love at first sight.
Codes are nicely packed. Output results can be expanded without feeling like it's clustering the window and they all print nicely since it's "seems" to have more space to output.
It's made life easier and very fun. Ontop of that; everything is nicely adjusted into a big column and word wrapped to kill off empty spaces. Only space you'd get is at the bottom if their is any left.

For manga readers!: Although I don't read manga's often. My friend sent me one and so I opened up the link and I was amazed. It was nicely stretched (not out of proportion) and spaced out to look even. Could be pure coincidence but the size proportion looks nice.

I will go on but class starts soon.
I will come back later.

Signing off,

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