Sunday, November 9, 2008

Winter Chill Is Moving in.

Sure is getting rainy and cold these days.
When it is not raining it is cold with a wind breeze.
When it is not cold, their is massive rain.

Dear oh dear, I wanted to go backpacking on my Fridays but I guess I will
have to wait for the rain to stop now don't I.

In more recent news; went back to look at a fairly old MMORPG called Kingdom of DRAKKAR, One of the first running MMORPG running and created and is still existent to this day and just as well maintained. After many, many, many years. at least 15 now for what I know. Now that technology has been long upgraded since it's inital and time has it's way of affecting old things. The game is now free and i've gone back to taking a look at it. A post will follow up on that. Probably create a new account for the sake of it. Instead of using my old one.

Dressing up for a friends photo-shoot thing. Can't find my shoes. Gah! Things are sored somewhere by others and now I can't find them. It's really annyoing and frustrating.

Anyways I guess I should get back to looking for it. Talk to everyone later. Will be posting a picture of my now very clean and empty table, That just has a router, a felt pad, my mahogony wood, Shelby Cobra and my laptop + keyboard and mouse.Looks very awesome. Free spirted I must say. The rest is to clea the floor.

Anyhow, Signing out,


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