Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Start of the Year

School has started; High School and University alike. Everyone has gone to many places as it seems.

Staying here locally in UBC , Langara College or SFU. Some to the east side of Canada or out of country. (These two lines are out of format... I wonder why.)

Although I did not start off with where I wanted; wanting to go to UBC first was my main goal but Langara is quite a cozy place to be in. Lots of people here to get around with and familiar faces to appear once in a while although I must say it’s quite interesting. Ah well; moving on. As of this semester I’m taking CPSC 1150 and another math course. Although what I will be taking next semester I don’t know yet but will be added with CPSC 1160 and 1180 and Philosophy 1101 (CPSC = Computer Science for those that are confused at the abbreviations) Having only two courses does have its advantages. A slow relaxaive (if that’s even a word.) start to the year. Next semester will have roughly five courses.

However, I might be taking Business Management 2230 for Co-Op. Co-op person came to our class and talked about it and said we can still register late for the course so that will be interesting. My friend David and I have been getting around quite fun. Although our staked our library corner on the third floor by the window has been taken; we do manage once in a while. The plan so far is quite good. Langara to UBC Transfer is quite well accepted and has some `specialities `apparently. I might see my friend Young maybe in a co-op or just perhaps in the future.

As it seems everyone is getting comfortable with their new life but I am sure it will get hard soon as we all will start having homework and labs and everything else kick in. Some have said two is little but CPSC 1150 is not a light course but plenty of fun so that should be exciting. I look forward to our future works. Math even doing fundamentals is entertaining; it`s nice to go back to the beginning sometimes and practice and relearn this stuff; although it is a bit of a hinder due to the fact I can`t do certain math courses but I`ll manage I assume. English next semester will be fun, fun, fun.

My teachers are fantastic though so far. My math teacher and Program Design teacher are funny. Good environment so far; until of course stress starts kicking in but that`s another story for another time. On a side note; I did buy a new laptop; and under $800. A Toshiba A300D Satellite laptop; quality is good. Had some issues but I don`t know if that is default issues or not but still it`s very nice with Harman/Kardon speakers which have nice sound quality to it. I guess I will post a picture of the laptop when I get back?

Other than that, how is everyone enjoying the early start of school? Had a good summer I hope? Bah, didn’t get a chance to meet up with friends during the summer which is just unfortunate ; ( but oh well; there will always be some sort of time during the summer. I figured I am able to use my laptop during math without the battery dying and can charge it during CPSC 1150 since we are working with certain materials which is overall fun. That way I will have power to last the day. Cables are kind of hard to stretch around in my math class. In the future I might be able to do better (that and I can charge during my off hours in the library).

I must say though; they have some decent computers over here. They have I think 3 computer lab rooms (which can be used for drop in too; for whatever browsing need you need; “academic” purposes ) Got to check how many have these, with roughly 20-30 computers each. Spec’d at Pentium 4 3.0Ghz equipped with 1GB ram and 19” monitors.

But anyhow; I shall save this and keep it in a tab for posting later tonight. Which is now. Current time is 11:08. Typed the entry while I was in the library; taking a break from doing my homework and studying.

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