Monday, September 22, 2008

Langara Computer Havoc

Apparently their is a maintenance going on with the computers down here in Langara.
Computers crazy slow; the initial boot up takes forever at the current moment.
Now; though once the computer is in for a while (if your patient enough haha) Speed is a lot faster as the server computer has probably registered the computer you are on into the system.

Plenty of fun. Stayed over at Azlan's place over Sunday to Monday...
Kinda crashed our day =\ so we kind of crammed the night with homework. Till early morning which was unfortunately very tiresome.

Feel kind of bad; hope I didn't hinder him too much haha.
Most things are going fairly well. First assignment for CPSC 1150 (Program Design) is coming along well. Written algorithms is quite the pain staking task.
One has to think outside of the box rather then the logical language.
Basically writing out the hard format of the information and how it would be processed rather then how it should work within the code itself.

Break is quite nice. A bit chilly outside today, staying inside since I only have a t-shirt on me. Long day; still have a short nip with school work to finish. After that it should be nice and breezy. Things have been a bit tensing up. I guess from procastination and what not. Everyone has those right? Quite the pain it is.
I know I said I will be updating and what not. Things have been quite busy; to an extent. I shall post photos of me and Azlan disassembling a Nerf gun we found in his house to fix a button that would cause the wheels within the gun to shoot out the ball. Apparently the button got stuck when pressed in too much. We took it apart and I filed down the button to make it not get stuck when pressed in and viola it worked.

Anyhow; once again it apparently looks like time is up and I have to head to class.
I will see everyone later : )


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