Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Skyrates Sillyness #1

Skyrates is this web-game developed by two graduate students.
www.skyrates.net -
Info is their but it is very interesting.
Many approaches can be taken from its gameplay.
Trade, combat, or mission (aka by gaining influence and taking control of "skylands" ) running.

And a quick snippet of a friend of mine, Little Dragon talking to our other friend Azlan about how she suddenly became "Governor" (being the top influence leader in that skyland) of one of the skylands. Her joy and sudden happiness from complete randomness resulted in this.

[12:32] Little Dragon: Shit!
[12:32] Little Dragon: Zephy's Governor of Isla di Pisa!
[12:34] Azlan: XD
[12:35] Azlan: shit?
[12:35] Little Dragon: In my shock, I missed the word Holy.

She got so excited that she totally left out words to type.
That's what I call speechless.
Little Dragon is now fighting furiously to keep her position with a 3000 point lead.

In another discussion with Azlan while talking about tobogganing down a hill.
We both had typo's without realizing it.

[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: I have this really
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: cool
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: sled
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: that has breaks
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: and a steering wheel
[13:37] Azlan: ooo
[13:37] Azlan: i had one with hand breaks
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: XD
[13:37] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Its so old
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: gotta clean it
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: *brakes
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: rofl.
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: you notice we both said the same
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: typo
[13:38] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: XD
[13:38] Azlan: XDD

Now that certainly breaks everything.
Anyways, tonight was fun. Went sliding down a hill, hitting a curb and flying about half a metre into a snow/partial ice pile.
I think we had a little bit too much snow for our own brains.

Happy Holidays Everyone.
Enjoy the snow; and for those that are not living in my area.
Enjoy the Holidays and take a good long break with some hot chocolates.

P.S. A quick add to Little Dragon's governership.

[01:10] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Haa nice ctacing up
[01:10] Little Dragon: All I'm doing is combats lol
[01:10] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Yeah
[01:10] Little Dragon: Too afraid to go too far from Isla
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Haha.
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: Yeah; you're doing hunting
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: you have a bit better chance of getting
[01:11] Little Dragon: Kills = influence
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: combats.
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: XD
[01:11] Little Dragon: Influence = govna
[01:11] Little Dragon: Kills = govna
[01:11] .DmS. Shroker[LtC]: And danother quote i add to blog
[01:12] Little Dragon: Hahahhaa

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