Monday, December 29, 2008

Blizzard in Vancouver?!

It's quite beautiful.
Vancouver with snow and the gentle calm.
Of ever white snow.
Beautiful as it is.

It causes a lot of problems doesn't it.
I love the snow. It's calming and everything.
But it's always been curious.
Everyone wanting a white Christmas but at the same time.
Frustrated with the snow.
Unable to drive out.
Buses being late.
It's all very interesting.
The weather is lovely.
Listen to some piano music.
Hot chocolate.
Wishing the one you love was in your arms.
Sipping on hot coco too.
It's all very heart warming.

I must say, this blizzard is rather crazy.
Not a big one like others, but for Vancouver,
It's not often we get one with snow and strong winds.
I'll come back and fix this up later.
For now,
Merry Post-Christmas, Happy New Years and Happy Holidays.
Drive safely,
Drink safely,
Don't drink and drive.
And enjoy your break.

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