Thursday, December 18, 2008


Christmas is coming up!
In Vancouver, their is a place called Stanley Park. Beautiful place.
Within the area they host a yearly event called "Bright Nights".
Which is a pretty display of lights and Christmas themed objects.
I will follow up with photos soon.

I'm working their Monday and Thursdays, between 4:00PM to 10:00PM.
During one of our traffic duties. One of my friends, Little Dragon who is volunteering too
started saying silly things to cars passing by as she was directing them.
One being "The glowing object of light demands you to go in this direction" <- slight variation of the quote. Have to look that up again.
Rather cold tonight.
Plenty of snow.
Cars getting stuck and everything.
Winter is lovely is it not?

Here's another small poem snippet.

Glitter and Cold.
Through the wind they boldy go.
Gentle as they flow.
Lightly touching the skin.
You feel free;
Floating about as the world slowly
Such Joy and Wonder.
Without restraints.
We dash into the sky.
The air and roads.
Without fear.
Is it not beautiful?
To feel such chill.
So wondrous and loving.
Cold but yet soothing.
Ah, how nice it is.
To finally run around.
Forget all that is in the past.
Run in the wind, agasint the snow.
And bathe in the warmth that is
Forever warm.

Just something I decided to piece together.
It seems to go on and off doesn't it?

Getting pretty cold these days.
Some hot chocolate and things should better.
Anyways. I will finish the rest of the update later.
I need sleep.

Good Night everyone.
Signing off,


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