Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Skyrates RP #1

So after a unfortunate reboot.
Everyone came back and well. Some silliness from the ocnverstion contiuned about why
Alowrin had white stuff on his pants. Read and you'll find. Someone joins in on the wrong time.

Evelene: ((I'm bakc))
Cecil Lancaster: ((So am I.))
Zephyrius: ((*pokes Evelene *))
Alorwin: What do you mean, painting accident?
Margareet: ((back ))
Alorwin: ((Welcome the backs.))
Evelene: ((yay ))
Margareet: ((why...thank you...))
Evelene: Well, the white stuff on your pants.
Keyo: ((That is such a bad line to walk in on...))
Alorwin: I'm sure that's just a byproduct of Zeph drooling on me.
Zephyrius looks down at Alorwin's pants "Last time I checked, my drool was on your shoulder and is transparent."
Cecil Lancaster: ((And I'm pretty sure it was deliberately so, Keyo.))
Alorwin: ((... did you KNOW I was going to say that?))
Zephyrius: ((No, I was typing that already))
Zephyrius: ((Figured you'd try to pin it on Zephy's drooling though))
Alorwin: ((... Damnit, I'm getting predictable.))
Alorwin: I was actually trying to paint happy faces on all my bullets, had a bit of a paint spill, yeah.
Cecil Lancaster starts chanting: Random streak! Random streak! Random streak!
Cecil Lancaster: ((Crap. OOC that.))
Cecil Lancaster: ((Sorry. ))
Zephyrius: Why are you trying to paint happy faces on bullets?

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