Thursday, October 6, 2011

Kathleen T. Photoshoot. 02/10/2011

          I had a friend from highschool that I have been wanting to do a photoshoot since my Grade 12 year and a many times after I had graduated. The problem was that we are busy people and often canceled on each other. Thus we never got around to doing our photoshoot. After she graduated and sometime after she flew to France and has been there for a while.

          A couple days before her trip back to France she contacted me that she wanted to do a photoshoot. She presented me with a mother/daughter idea due to the fact she was leaving for France soon. We drafted up the idea and set the day. The main ideas we were going to think of on the fly but the important part was shooting some photos of them together. Then she and I decided that after their photoshoot together we would do an individual photoshoot of my friend and would fly it on the go.

       We got together and I settled down to start thinking of ideas with my friend. Did a quick location scout of her apartment room and starting putting things together. The great part about working with good friends is that it is easy to have fun and laugh. A couple jokes here and there and the atmosphere was set.
The idea we had in mind for the daughter/mother shoot is to have them together, sharing and enjoying their moments together. The style we were shooting would be candid and semi-posed. The way semi-posed works is by having the subjects in a pose but having them interact with each other. Any other interactions or effects branches off that pose and you get a natural dynamic out of it.

     The shooting floor to work with was fantastic. On my way there I was worried about there not being enough lighting, how I would have to work out my flash settings and the likes but she texted me stating her place had large windows and hardwood floors. I love having an open window especially when the light is coming through. Good hardwood floors have lovely textures on them and the flooring she had at her place were quite nice. They were not the standard plankwood style floor but wood pieces with some nice marble patterns to them which looked beautiful in color and black and white photos. The sun came in through the window nicely with the clouds overcasting acting as a giant diffuser for the sun. As the day proceeded the sun lowered and interesting shades would form which set up for some good poses.

     The shoot finished up around 1630 (4:30PM) and we glanced over the photos and needless to say everyone was very happy with what pictures were taken. I was quite happy and the shoot was a great confidence boost.

    Anyways, here is a high-res photo post of one of the pictures that is taken. I will be posting more later but this one came out the best out of the lot. The rest are still being selected and will be put up relatively soon.
It was an absolute blast to see my friend again and finally get our photoshoot done. I hope to see her again in the future and have fun, laughing moments again. : )

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by,

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