Sunday, December 11, 2011

Forza Motorsports 4 pt.2

       Last post I talked about Forza Motorsports 4's recent image-based lighting update, game mechanics, Turn 10's partnership with BBC's Top Gear UK and Pirelli reform of Forza 3's tire data. Turn 10 didn't just stop at reworking the game physics and car models. They have gone and revamped the sound engine to the game. Forza Motorsports 4 has brand new engine sounds recorded directly from the vehicul they represent from the real world. One of many things I initially noticed when I began playing this game was the attention to details in the sound effects.

       The above sound clip is recorded from the in-game sounds and is all part of the gameplay. Setting the game fx to "Car" emphasizes the engine and exhaust sounds. The player can hear the different accents and tones of the engine. Hearing the resonance and echo as the player accelerates and then letting go of the throttle. You feel lively and in the spot light as you aim to clip the apex in the corners. Each car has had this sound treatment and thus very enjoyable to drive. A variety of flavours to suit  the different type of personal preferences people will have. On the other hand, in the audio settings there is the option to select tires as the sound effects focus. This shifts tire screeches and grip sounds as the main focus for those that wan to hear how their tires on on the road to get a sense of lock-up. Although I feel once you play enough with the car you sort of know where that grip limit / lock limit is. However, in the end, it is mostly personal preference and does not effect the gameplayy in any form.

       Forza Motorsports 4 introduced a new multilayer community function called Rivals mode. The underlying basics of Rivals mode is your traditional leaderboard time attack. However, instead of simply trying to fight your way up the time board to wherever you seem fit. You continue to earn exp and credits from performing racing feats (like perfect turns or how well you do a turn) or by completing the race after least completing a lap. Being able to gain experience and credits makes grinding a lap time a bit more rewarding. There are monthly challenges for the rivals mode and also static ones.

     In addition to your typical online racing modes there are fun modes which include car bowling, tag and soccer. Each to their own exciting moments but care-free chaotic insanity will ensue. Especially with fast cars zipping around trying to score a soccer ball or attempting to tag the remaining "non-it" drivers.
All in all, Forza 4 Motorsports enhances and updates from its previous series while maintaining a fun playing field for all types of player levels.

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