Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pushing On.

I don't know how I do it.
Where do I grab this energy from?.
Something drives me, deep down it propels me forward.
I have been knocked to the ground over and over through time and space.
But I find a way to make my way out of it and find some form of energy and inspiration.

Struggling to make a bounce back after falling to my knees a year ago (Figuratively)  has been tough.
I am hoping to make my way through my problems step by step; things have been fairly well for me as of late.
I have my friends to thank and the special people I have met over the years to talk to, hang out with and make my way through things. Some of them struggle with everyday life and struggle a very hard battle to stay on their own feet.

My wishes are there for them, every single day. I hope everyone is able to keep on their toes to keep going forward.

Summer is here and I cannot wait to get back into shooting seagulls, sunsets, and many other summer related things.
I recently dug into my inventory of items and settled back into a groove that has been working really well for me.

Proper sleep and motivational things that have gotten me going. I recently broke my wallet about four months ago to put together my on-the-go
listening gear that consists of my Bower and Wilkins P5, Electric Avenues PA2V2 (Portable Amp V2) and my iPod Vid 30GB.

I will be updating my listening experience together on my blog and here when I finish up that post but it has been a great way to relax.
I have always loved my music and my camera. Splurging my wallet apart for products that will not come apart and pay off has been a beauty.
There has been a reserve that has been brought out from these.
I sat down sometime ago and fingered through my things and discovered that there was something about doing work with music from my speakers just didn't cut it.

Anyways, that is a whole other post but for now I shall resolve to my quiet peace and stare about into the night with my photos.
Here is a little photo of portable headphone amp, iPod and headphones.


Into the summer night, I drift away.
The sea of thoughts that overcome the sleep deprivation.
As the choir sings and the orchestra resonates in my ears;
I dream of a cottage by a beach.
The tides washing across the beach logs.
Crabs climbing out of there coves to explore the beachfront.

Wishy washy. The waves say.
A gleam of a smile spreads across my face.
A warm, comfortable evening this is.
The sun setting away, saying goodbye to the people below.

Good night and good bye.
I shall awake and see you all in the morning.
For now, sleep well and dream.
Dream of a world with infinite possibilities. 

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