Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nvidia and ATI

It's too bad that . only has its foot holds in the gaming industry.
I often see people saying that NVIDIA is not competitive enough and need to worry.
They need to worry? They revoluntized thousands of people's work with CUDA.

CUDA (which is used by CoreAVC video decoder )saved me $500+ on needing to upgrade a computer to watch HD1080p and 720p movies without lag.

ATi has become the past Creative. Trying to concentrate on one market and that is all they can do.
Nvidia is even selling personal super computers now.
Now, before people start telling me how impractical personal supercomputers are, it is the same reason that something like the new ATI Radeon HD 5970 will be. Used for things like simulators and of the sort that will make use of its massive power.
However, I don't recall ATI cards being able to do anything but graphics.

When the Playstation 3 released with its CELL processor, it was used for a lot of scientific work; just like Nvidia's TELSA and
QUADRO cards have been doing for graphic rendering and applying the CUDA language into splitting the work between the CPU
and the GPU.

With that said, ATI does a good job being impressive, but the 5970 is reportedly a foot long.
If you can manage to squeeze that in along with all the cables and ram and everything. Then awesome, but it is a huge hassal.
That is like saying. "I want a tank, I'; just run over my garage with it so I can park it, since it won't fit in their".

But hey, like any market, some will stuck to ATI and some will stick to Nvidia.

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